Thursday, June 1, 2017

Ignorance-Power-Blackmail…One, Two or all Three!

Those three words keep swirling around in my mind, thinking it is so simple to figure out the answer to this bad dream more than half of our country is experiencing on a daily basis. I know we, the so-called “Liberal Dems,”  are being blamed for having a “Sour Grapes” attitude ever since the surprise outcome of the 2016 presidential election declaring Donald J Trump 45th President of the USA. That, however, is the excuse Republicans or Trump supporters use to overcome their own guilt of electing a man who has clearly shown behaviors depicting ignorance, abuse of power or even so far as one who is being blackmailed. 

Maybe all three reasons are contributing to his bizarre actions most recently displayed on his trip abroad when meeting our European Allies. First, the push and shove of the Prime Minister of Montenegro just to get up in front, turning, fixing himself and smiling, not realizing his bully style behavior was caught on camera clear as day. I was sickened when I saw this, but not as much as when I heard him speak to our allies in a condescending manner. Again, those three words keep popping up. Could it be ignorance, power, or just appeasing our adversaries, as in Russia, because of something they have on him or his administration, also called blackmail? 

 These are not the feelings of a “Liberal Dem,” rather the feelings of a concerned citizen who sees our Democracy slowly being dismantled, a word used frequently by Steve Bannon, Trump’s Chief Political Strategist. Scary stuff is happening every day with news coming from everywhere, but that does not seem to matter with this diehard group that simply supports, unwaveringly, an administration that has played with a continuously growing book of lies, led by a President who has a limited vocabulary at best, a weird relationship with Russia, a hidden income tax agenda, shaded business dealings filled with lawsuits up the kazoo, questionable belief in climate change, being that he is considering cutting us off from the Paris Agreement, a catastrophic decision if finally made. Republicans had better face the facts, the real facts; that this storybook romance they have is going to end, but not happily ever after! 

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