Tuesday, June 6, 2017

“No Man is an island”… except for Trump!

When all of the world should be coming together, Donald Trump exhibits behavior that seems to be pulling us apart or at least from our Allies. Focusing on fear, embellished with lies, he tweets his nonsensical statements, almost sounding as though the words just flowed without thinking. Each time he does it he diminishes his credibility, until one day he will just be the little boy who cried wolf. When he finally does give a credible statement, if ever, no one will be there to believe it. Flexing his muscles has only accomplished “Make America Great Again” closer to being “Making America Alone” and we all know that as humans, we don’t do well without communication with others, as so with countries. Our Alliances since WWII have grown and given the dark side of the World a sense that we are stronger together both militarily and economically. Deals between countries are not decided by one person, but by the needs and advice of others. Plowing into NATO and pulling out of a voluntary agreement, The Paris Accord,  established for the betterment of the air we breathe and the longevity of our planet are just two more steps to loneliness for the USA.

“No Man is an Island,” a poem written by John Donne, meaning that human beings do not thrive when isolated from others. These words are also taken from the Bible, expressing the need for others. Whether it be humans, animals, or countries existing side by side, the need for communication is necessary for a nurturing existence. Trump, alone in his office or bedroom, being that his tweets are usually at some ungodly hour, sets off the tone of our country.  The world is listening, not just his base, and soon they will have a deaf ear.

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