Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A Man without a Country…Soon!

All the markings of guilt are leading to serious irrational behavior by our President, Donald J Trump. The more threatened he feels, the more he will fight back with any ammunition he can get his hands on to promote his agenda or get out of the hole he is digging deeper every day. His past will come back to haunt him because through the ongoing investigations more will come out than even he bargained for. This is not Trump University, a scam at best, where a settlement was made and all went away. Although there are still many other lawsuits for various accusations against Trump, he is President of the USA. However, our Democracy is at work right now making sure that even a President has to be held responsible and abide by the law of the land. If he is found innocent of any foul acts, so be it and life will go on. Lucky for him, that one is innocent until proven guilty, unlike the governments he seems to revere. His actions, however, do not give you a sense of innocence.

Think about it, not producing his tax returns alone gives me the feeling that he is truly hiding secrets that might even reveal the answers to this whole investigation. Maybe he is being blackmailed because of his financial involvements with Russia. There are others that would be exposed as well, I am pretty sure of that. Thursday will be a telling story, not just by James Comey’s testimony, but by the reaction Trump has during that day.

I really do feel that he will soon be a man without a country, even though he is President.

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