Sunday, June 11, 2017

President Trump will speak under oath?

Why in the world would anyone believe that Trump would speak under oath when 90% of what he says daily are alternative facts or lies? Even that statement that he made saying he would, 100% no less, does not really convince me that he would. Releasing his tax returns has a better chance than that, and you know how quickly that is happening. Trump has an army of enablers, people who are only there for the taking. They must live in houses without mirrors because if they ever looked at themselves real close, they would see right through this charade. 

Paul Ryan told the world that President Trump doesn’t know any better like he was speaking about a four-year-old who lied to his teacher, or someone who really didn’t know any better as in mentally challenged. What did Paul Ryan really mean when he said these words? Did he think that we would say, Oh, I forgot, he knows nothing? Is this the person you want leading our country? C’mon Paul, you will have to do better than that! Admit it; you are only there to pass one of your ultra right wing legislations, like the new Unaffordable Health Care Act! Shame on all of you when you have an opportunity to make good and rebuff the ill words of a man who is desperately trying to protect something shady by calling everyone around him the liar that he, himself is. Democrat, Republican, Independent or anyone with half a brain, call this what it is and help Make America Born Again!

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