Thursday, June 22, 2017


Positive Mental Attitude, PMA, is the way to go after a disappointing election outcome. Instead of trying to recreate the wheel, stop and evaluate all that Democrats have accomplished throughout the years. All roads leading to human rights were mostly fought for by those brave leaders, Democrats, including Martin Luther King fighting to end segregation, Harvey Milk fighting and losing his life, for gay rights,  Gloria Steinem fighting for equality for women, with a list that can go on forever. Re-evaluate who you are and tell the message loud and clear! I think when the leaders in the Democratic Party became too wealthy, they lost their message. When money becomes the biggest issue, then, you are really Republicans in Democrat's clothing! Think about what was spent in the Georgia campaign; 30 million Dollars for more dumb ads on TV. Take that money and do something great in the State you are running and you will have millions of people seeing results along with loads of free advertising much less endorsements. Actions speak louder than words, and we can really use some action! Education in rural communities, feeding the hungry as there are plenty of people out there that need help, tell what you would do with healthcare without being afraid someone will steal your ideas, just a few of the many things you could be doing with all that money you raise! I am personally tired of donating for things we never see! 

Published in the Sun Sentinel
Thursday, June 21

Linda Gefen
Boca Raton, FL

Sunday, June 11, 2017

President Trump will speak under oath?

Why in the world would anyone believe that Trump would speak under oath when 90% of what he says daily are alternative facts or lies? Even that statement that he made saying he would, 100% no less, does not really convince me that he would. Releasing his tax returns has a better chance than that, and you know how quickly that is happening. Trump has an army of enablers, people who are only there for the taking. They must live in houses without mirrors because if they ever looked at themselves real close, they would see right through this charade. 

Paul Ryan told the world that President Trump doesn’t know any better like he was speaking about a four-year-old who lied to his teacher, or someone who really didn’t know any better as in mentally challenged. What did Paul Ryan really mean when he said these words? Did he think that we would say, Oh, I forgot, he knows nothing? Is this the person you want leading our country? C’mon Paul, you will have to do better than that! Admit it; you are only there to pass one of your ultra right wing legislations, like the new Unaffordable Health Care Act! Shame on all of you when you have an opportunity to make good and rebuff the ill words of a man who is desperately trying to protect something shady by calling everyone around him the liar that he, himself is. Democrat, Republican, Independent or anyone with half a brain, call this what it is and help Make America Born Again!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

He thinks we’re stupid!

It’s Saturday night and a break is needed for sure, just to digest last week’s political circus! But, one must remember the weekend mantra…”He thinks we are all stupid!” Just keep saying that to yourself and don’t let disappointment get the best of you. You must see that Trump works the room by repeating his lies over and over again making you feel that you haven’t a chance, but, the truth will tell the final story. I really do believe that James Comey did not confront the President early on because he wanted more evidence and that he knew once he said something to him, he would have been fired earlier. He knew that Trump would keep hounding him until he couldn’t take it anymore, but only after realizing he was beating a dead horse, When Trump saw his ship sinking, he had to make a decision and deal with the consequences Ultimately, Trump fired Comey and now discredits him, so much the same as he did with his political opponents during the Campaign as in Lying Ted, Low Energy Bush, Crooked Hillary, and now it is Nutty Comey and much worse! It’s working for him until it doesn’t work anymore. Could make quite a novel…only it is really happening and many scenarios are evolving. Trump’s behavior is closing in on Trump! Keep saying it, “He thinks we are all stupid!” and hold on because we are in for a giant roller coaster ride never to the likes of anything we could have imagined! Happy Sunday!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

There’s a Sucker Born Every Day!

After watching a group of people being interviewed about the James Comey testimony today, I realized that PT Barnum was correct. There really is a sucker born every day. They were Trump supporters who really believed that Comey lied and Donald J Trump was still their idol. James Comey may not be everything to everyone, but a liar, he is not. Even with all that Trump has shown with his bizarre behavior and outright lies during and after his contentious campaign, which obviously appealed to enough people to win a presidential election, they still revere him. Who wouldn’t want such unconditional love

We all know that the Republicans on the Hill are keeping silent because of their agenda, but once the first sign of a change of heart from Trump’s diehard supporters shows in the polls, all hell will break loose. The silence will suddenly be broken, and their spineless support will fade away. Every time a con man gets caught we always say it will never happen again, that we know better. Look at Bernie Madoff. It took 48 years (1960-2008) to find out he was heading a giant Ponzi Scheme, the oldest trick in the book. Trump is a different kind of Madoff. Ironically, he is a man who is consumed with money and power but preys off of the person who needs government aid the most and appeals to their greatest fears, promoting it through lies and propaganda. It seems he can do no wrong! I, for one, hope that the ongoing investigation sheds the light needed to make this wrong… a right!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A Man without a Country…Soon!

All the markings of guilt are leading to serious irrational behavior by our President, Donald J Trump. The more threatened he feels, the more he will fight back with any ammunition he can get his hands on to promote his agenda or get out of the hole he is digging deeper every day. His past will come back to haunt him because through the ongoing investigations more will come out than even he bargained for. This is not Trump University, a scam at best, where a settlement was made and all went away. Although there are still many other lawsuits for various accusations against Trump, he is President of the USA. However, our Democracy is at work right now making sure that even a President has to be held responsible and abide by the law of the land. If he is found innocent of any foul acts, so be it and life will go on. Lucky for him, that one is innocent until proven guilty, unlike the governments he seems to revere. His actions, however, do not give you a sense of innocence.

Think about it, not producing his tax returns alone gives me the feeling that he is truly hiding secrets that might even reveal the answers to this whole investigation. Maybe he is being blackmailed because of his financial involvements with Russia. There are others that would be exposed as well, I am pretty sure of that. Thursday will be a telling story, not just by James Comey’s testimony, but by the reaction Trump has during that day.

I really do feel that he will soon be a man without a country, even though he is President.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

“No Man is an island”… except for Trump!

When all of the world should be coming together, Donald Trump exhibits behavior that seems to be pulling us apart or at least from our Allies. Focusing on fear, embellished with lies, he tweets his nonsensical statements, almost sounding as though the words just flowed without thinking. Each time he does it he diminishes his credibility, until one day he will just be the little boy who cried wolf. When he finally does give a credible statement, if ever, no one will be there to believe it. Flexing his muscles has only accomplished “Make America Great Again” closer to being “Making America Alone” and we all know that as humans, we don’t do well without communication with others, as so with countries. Our Alliances since WWII have grown and given the dark side of the World a sense that we are stronger together both militarily and economically. Deals between countries are not decided by one person, but by the needs and advice of others. Plowing into NATO and pulling out of a voluntary agreement, The Paris Accord,  established for the betterment of the air we breathe and the longevity of our planet are just two more steps to loneliness for the USA.

“No Man is an Island,” a poem written by John Donne, meaning that human beings do not thrive when isolated from others. These words are also taken from the Bible, expressing the need for others. Whether it be humans, animals, or countries existing side by side, the need for communication is necessary for a nurturing existence. Trump, alone in his office or bedroom, being that his tweets are usually at some ungodly hour, sets off the tone of our country.  The world is listening, not just his base, and soon they will have a deaf ear.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Ignorance-Power-Blackmail…One, Two or all Three!

Those three words keep swirling around in my mind, thinking it is so simple to figure out the answer to this bad dream more than half of our country is experiencing on a daily basis. I know we, the so-called “Liberal Dems,”  are being blamed for having a “Sour Grapes” attitude ever since the surprise outcome of the 2016 presidential election declaring Donald J Trump 45th President of the USA. That, however, is the excuse Republicans or Trump supporters use to overcome their own guilt of electing a man who has clearly shown behaviors depicting ignorance, abuse of power or even so far as one who is being blackmailed. 

Maybe all three reasons are contributing to his bizarre actions most recently displayed on his trip abroad when meeting our European Allies. First, the push and shove of the Prime Minister of Montenegro just to get up in front, turning, fixing himself and smiling, not realizing his bully style behavior was caught on camera clear as day. I was sickened when I saw this, but not as much as when I heard him speak to our allies in a condescending manner. Again, those three words keep popping up. Could it be ignorance, power, or just appeasing our adversaries, as in Russia, because of something they have on him or his administration, also called blackmail? 

 These are not the feelings of a “Liberal Dem,” rather the feelings of a concerned citizen who sees our Democracy slowly being dismantled, a word used frequently by Steve Bannon, Trump’s Chief Political Strategist. Scary stuff is happening every day with news coming from everywhere, but that does not seem to matter with this diehard group that simply supports, unwaveringly, an administration that has played with a continuously growing book of lies, led by a President who has a limited vocabulary at best, a weird relationship with Russia, a hidden income tax agenda, shaded business dealings filled with lawsuits up the kazoo, questionable belief in climate change, being that he is considering cutting us off from the Paris Agreement, a catastrophic decision if finally made. Republicans had better face the facts, the real facts; that this storybook romance they have is going to end, but not happily ever after!