Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What people are really saying

A friend sent me this to post.  Well said!

Trump has gotten rich on the backs of small businesses who he has stiffed. He is a misogynist, racist, bigot, short-fused bully who mocks those with disabilities, knows nothing about foreign policy, how the US government is run or diplomacy. He thinks he can settle debt by offering creditors $.30 on the dollar like he has his vendors. Make America Great Again? Seriously? How? This billionaire–narcissist does not have any ideas about anything except to build that stupid wall. 

He spews out lies to distract from the fact he has nothing substantive to say. He was a democrat who supported democratic candidates for years but probably knew he’d never defeat Clinton in the primaries. He lies and changes his mind with the same regularity as you change your underwear. Any parent of daughters should be defending their rights to reproductive freedom, something he has flip flopped about too. Hillary had a private server and may have lied about a few emails. Big freaking deal. Reagan sold arms to Iran and lied about it; George Sr. said “no new taxes.” Hmmmm. George Jr. lied about the Iraqi regime supporting the 9/11 attacks. Powell and Rice also used private servers (they advised Secretary Clinton to do the same). Oh, and let's not forget Trump's delusional comment about Obama starting ISIS.


DONALD TRUMP is only a caricature of himself! He emulates ignorance with every word he says, words that just come out of his mouth without any forethought! I am embarrassed to have him in the Presidential Ring but in our free country we have to always expect this to happen. Unfortunately, many of his followers are cheering on his most dangerous proposals and unfounded accusations.

Furthermore, someone should make him leave that ridiculous hat at home, he looks like an old baseball player promoting a losing team ... Doesn't he know that America is already Great!! It is also not very Presidential looking but anything to cover his Hairdo... I didn't see anyone asking the name of his Hairdresser. It will be interesting to see how his visit to Mexico turns out. However, Trump will always make the results look like it benefits his beliefs... Can't wait!!

HILLARY CLINTON is a victim of her own circumstances. We have been hearing about the same Issues for years, complicated by numerous Conspiracy Theories conjured up by her opponents. These theories always become more enhanced during Election time. I myself say... Oh, that again!!

For a Woman and Leader who has been around for 40 years, working hard for people and the  Democratic Party she is really getting a raw deal. Clinton has not been convicted of any Crime!! She should be able to wrap things up by now... I think she has to have a News Conference on all the issues once and for all.
She is prepared and ready to be The First Woman President of the USA. Her campaign is steady, upbeat, filled people who are loved  and respected in the political world as well as the public world... Just compare both campaigns and I am sure you will get my drift.

When you are in the Political Arena for so long... Controversial issues will always pop up... It is so easy to be a back seat driver ... I for one feel badly that the Clintons have to give up a Foundation that has done so much good for underprivileged populations needing help for their sustenance, especially in the medical field. It is a pity that the opponents would rather Discredit the Good deeds of the Foundation just to get kudos for themselves !! I hate for them to do it... But probably they should pass the baton just to close the door to criticism ... We all know, that will never stop! They have been talking about Benghazi for so long that I finally learned how to spell it, and I am sure others still do not know how to spell it or even where it is. Young people are now able to vote, they may not be well versed in all of these issues and all they hear is "Crooked/Liar" I hope the voters can truly compare these candidates and realize that Clinton is so far beyond Trump in  Character, Preparedness And just plain READY!!

I believe our country has been constantly moving forward on all levels. President Obama has been criticized for going too slow... But with the personal vendetta that Mitch McConnell made after Obama's Election in 2008, asking the Republican Party to make him a One-Term President... and refuse to pass anything he proposed, how could things have moved Quickly... But it has moved up an onward! I believe McConnell's words have helped spur up Racism to a higher level... Along with Trump's Birther movement. A negative Congress just added salt to the wounds. All in all, our State of affairs and economy is showing  progress with a future that is positive only with the right leadership. Again, there are two real choices... Trump is looking to take us back to his " Unreal Reality"! Trumpism is backwards and Clinton's agenda is Forward. With a Congress and Senate that can work together, and I think she can do it, there are no boundaries for the USA.

Thoughts from the runway

I am on a plane with no Wifi available. 

As it is, we were on the runway waiting for more fuel, very important, for 1 1/2 hours, making a 3.5 hour trip become 5 hours. We may possibly miss our connection! But, all is not lost. Just more time to write a little something about Trump. I think he needs another Conspiracy Theory created, this time getting into his personal life.

I have wondered why no one has seen or heard from Ivana and Marla, Donald Trump's two former wives and mothers of a few of his children. 

Ivanka, Donald's daughter who he said he would be attracted to if she weren't his daughter, weird, is the daughter of Ivana. I wonder if she, Ivana, will be supporting and voting for her Ex-Husband. Was she at the convention? No one seems to be interested in why she has not been interviewed. I am sure Ivana has been paid off or signed a very strict non- disclosure so that it is impossible to get to her. The same with Marla Maples. By the way, I think I saw her ring shown at auction in the papers a while ago, a little small for The Donald. Maybe Marla is running out of money, after all she was " Fired" from her job as "2nd Wife."

Some divorces end up having one big happy family, but it seems clear here that the kids took to the "Money Trail," I would feel much better if Ivana and Marla were both interviewed and showed their love and support for Donald. I am sure they spent many long hours waiting up for him while he was working so hard as, perhaps, a volunteer at the local Soup Kitchen or the YMCA helping underprivileged youngsters, especially those from the African American Communities he is pledging to help. I'm sure they, Ivana and Marla understood his need to help and reach out! You think??  

No... Trump was probably out on the town, hopefully not wearing one of his silly Made in China caps. Thank goodness he gets it wholesale or free, because  he couldn't wear it more than once. The orange from his hair must leave quite a mess. Maybe he has a secret microphone in the seams of his cap. He couldn't possibly memorize  all of the content of his speeches. Who can remember such difficult words like, Crooked, Guilty, Crooked, Guilty etc. Having to keep them in that order is very difficult! 

Please Ivana, Marla, come forth and tell it all! You may lose his money, but you would make a bundle just by telling all the secrets you must be keeping! Even Trump himself may spill the beans if he knew he could make a fortune. It would help clear up all the debt he must owe, possibly to  Russia or his Hairdresser. We know he'll never pay the Hairdresser!

Maybe the Kids, when they run out of money, will tell it all! 

Soon landing... This made the longer trip worth while.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

DONALD TRUMP: Truth or Consequence!!

While I am still watching and listening to all that is going on during this election cycle, I am questioning how people can still be thinking that Donald Trump is a viable candidate with credentials that are needed to be elected President. Some of what I am writing is repetitive. It is hard not to keep the message going that Trump will never change. Why are people so eager to accept conspiracy theories about the Clintons with no basis for truth, and yet not accept the true accounts drawn out by various writers about Trump’s bizarre behavior patterns and bad business decisions? How they can accept his not revealing Tax Returns, numerous bankruptcies causing pain to all people doing business with him, along with other dealings such as racial discrimination during his years in the real estate business with his father. I thought Americans enjoyed reality shows! Believing conspiracy theories and not the truth is really not reality. It is an excuse written by hate groups to divert the attention away from the truth. The reality here is that Donald Trump is not capable, based on what I have seen and heard with his own words and actions, of being the leader of the free world. He has hired ultra right wing advisors to steer his campaign, to name one, Steve Bannon,  Author at BREITBART. ( )
Check this website for ideological remarks and views about various minority groups. Some of it will make your hair stand straight up! Why would a candidate, who claims to be able to “Fix it all Himself”, hire such a controversial figure? Trump and his supporters really believe that more than half the voters in the US fit this mold. With that in mind, he could win!  

Trump’s use of the phrase, “rounding up” the eleven million illegal immigrants, sadly reminds me of the “rounding up” of Jews in France during WW II. I still get chills up and down my spine when I read novels and non-fiction books referencing those awful times. Again, repetition is necessary to keep the truth at hand so people don’t forget. Just seeing or picturing large groups of people, families, elderly, being herded away is unconscionable! He has chosen a path of darkness rather than seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. He wants to go back to some kind of police state judging by his plea for law and order. Anyone with simplistic beliefs dealing with the plight of the inner cities is only thinking of more incarceration rather than education. Although he mentioned education, barely, at his recent rallies, it was truly placed on the back burner. His first response will be “lock them up” just as his constituents chanted at the RNC Convention about Hillary Clinton. Those actions were reprehensible, and they were encouraged by Trump. If he was promoting locking up Clinton for something she was not proven guilty of doing, what do you think he would do to those people he decided were really criminals? The inner cities need help, guidance through education, jobs, comprehensive gun control throughout the states, along with a congress eager to pass laws to promote such happenings.

Just remember,  climbing uphill is a greater task than a free fall! We easily did that in 2008 when the economy fell short of a deep depression. We are still slowly climbing, but that requires patience and perseverance, along with knowledge and thoughtful leadership, not quick what’s on your mind at the minute decisions!

Donald Trump is a “wolf in wolf’s clothing” because nothing is changing. He is only getting worse, blaming everyone for everything. He is desperate, and speaking of conspiracy theories, I for one, think he has plenty to hide especially when it comes to his tax returns. He wants to gain the highest office in the land to be able to sweep his severe financial problems and questionable affiliations under the rug.  Now, that sounds reasonable. Only Donald can make this statement false! All he has to do is release his tax returns. I wouldn’t bet on that! But see, these word then lead to accusations and then worse. People start believing the non truths. In this case, I hate to say that it is probably true!

If voters don’t start accepting the truth and choose to accept conspiracy theories, we, as a nation could face severe consequences. We can’t just throw our courts and justice systems in the sewer and come to our own conclusions because we did not like the answers or decisions of the court. We forget that a person has to be proven guilty! Conspiracy theories can only lead to ignorant decisions and bring hurt to those who are being judged.

The time is getting closer for you to read thoroughly the truths about our two National Party Candidates. Listen to all the news stations to compare. If you hear news on one station that never appears anywhere else, then you have to know that it is false. Time after time friends who watch a certain news channel tell me things that don’t exist anywhere else. It is a tunnel filled with lies! How can these newscasters speak day after day and continue to spread stories and angles that are not only not true but simply trash.

On a lighter note, I was in New York City last week and found a city filled with people from all over, different races and nationalities busily walking, hailing cabs, standing in line for Broadway Shows, all enjoying something we take so much for granted. We will always need changes to better ourselves and move forward in our ever changing world, but not at the cost of freedom. What we don’t need is someone who thinks it is all rigged and crooked. That people aren’t welcome, only those he sanctions.
Trump is certainly an outsider, who really is outside the realm of reality. Think hard before you enter that voting booth. This year accept the truths or possibly have to deal with the consequences!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


The Election Timetable is running out for Donald Trump. What does a desperate Narcissistic Demagogue do?  Anything and everything!  He has now decided, either on his own or with the advice from his 3rd new, extreme team, to say anything to bring in votes from anyone who is slightly undecided. He goes from one rally to the next, changing his tune, pandering to whomever he can. He knows that just a few votes from each group, Latino, African American, Gay, Lesbian, Educated, Women, Etc., will put him over the top to win the election and change what he calls “The Regime”, as if he were in some foreign country. He shouted out to the African American community, “You have nothing to lose”, because he believes they have nothing anyway. It is the biggest insult of all. What you don’t realize is that he truly feels that way about everyone who is not successful or not in the ring with him. The scary part is that if people do not wake up to his insincerity and ineptness, he could actually win! This would be a colossal defeat for our Democracy as we know it. Trump is surrounded by extreme ultra right wing advisors who have a long history of Racism, Anti-Semitism as well as Anti Government remarks, along with a large following through their on line websites.

Winning is all that Donald Trump is about. He has said it over and over again, because if he doesn’t, then it was all for nothing. He, of course, will blame everyone but himself. His mindset sees it only that way, and he will create any scenario through lies or loud bizarre remarks about his opponent just to keep the ball rolling. I know that when you see two opposing sides, Democrats and Republicans, start agreeing that it would be dangerous for him to be elected, then you know your vote is important. Even Glenn Beck, who I am not a fan of, says that Trump’s election as President could be one of the most dangerous happenings ever in our American History!

When people like Trump get desperate, watch out. Anything can happen!  I am asking all undecided 

Voters need to really listen and learn that, “What you see is what you will get; a Trump Regime!”

Friday, August 5, 2016

Election Confessions: The fact that you are asking us for our opinions says it all.

We live in a free country and that is the good and the bad. We have to listen to all views... Even those that are not so traditional. We have to realize that in a world where immediate gratification is right at our finger tips all the time...candidates will pop up who think they can make people believe "Things" that need fixing can be done in a minute or even less! Yes .. We do have lots of "Things"to do here in this Fabulous Free Country... But to say we are going in the wrong direction is ridiculous. If Congress even came 1/2 way we would have been in a better place today with everything. Thanks to our Brilliant and Thoughtful President Obama and his Staff that we came this far. 

That is why we cannot allow a candidate who has said over and over again that our Free Country is a Rigged System become the leader of the Free World. Are we so shallow to think that a man who has no business scruples can just walk into our lives and, all alone, fix what is wrong ... he is a man with a personality disorder ... thinking that we are all stupid and he is always right. Change does not mean throwing out our values ... It means evaluating the circumstances... That sentence alone gives you a sense of needing knowledge... advice...and time!! There is no secret cure that only he, Trump, has the antidote in his hand that is always waving up and down. His rhetoric is more than disgusting and dangerous... I'm not sure whether making fun of a disabled person ( I have a son who is mentally challenged ) or shooting someone in NYC and still getting votes, put me over the top....certainly I hope it had the same effect on other voters. He could not get into a University or get a job with the lack of knowledge he has for the  Ultimate Job he is applying for... President of the United States of America...would you hire  a person who is totally uninformed and not interested in learning or asking advice ... To run your company?? I am sure you would not!!

Hillary Clinton... With all of her "Faults" has been around and stayed in the public eye ... Pushing forward for Children... Families ... And Democratic Principles our Country depends upon for its survival. She had been Elected to public office and knows what it is like to win and lose with honor and grace!! It is her time in history to truly Keep America Great!!

I can go on and on... This election is probably one of the most important in history as far as I can remember ... I grew up during the same years that Hillary Clinton did... Without the Democratic Party we would not have had all of the Social Changes that have taken place... Women's Rights... Gay Rights...Voting Rights...Universal Health Care ( Congress did not vote in Single Payer and now they are complaining as usual!! )

Just close your eyes and think:
Trump/Uninformed Bully/ Ridiculous/Unscrupulous / Alone/Negative/ Dictator/Racist Behavior / Not respected by the Free World... Only Russia gave him an A in conduct!!

Clinton/ Leader/ Informed/ Inclusive/Survivor / Democratic Principles/ Respected by the Free World except Russia!! / Humility!!

This is the one time I can say... This is "The Women Card" I hope we all vote for.... Hillary Clinton!!
I know Donald Trump will think that all the women voting for Hillary will vote for her only because she is a woman... He thinks women are "Stupid"... Well ... If Jan Brewer were running for President ... This is one woman who would not be voting the "Women Card" and I am sure many women would agree... !!

Hillary deserves " The Woman Card" ... She has earned it!!

I hope some of my statements have helped give a picture of Our Free Country ... And what it truly means to be involved in the process... 

Talk is cheap... Just Vote!!