Saturday, June 10, 2017

He thinks we’re stupid!

It’s Saturday night and a break is needed for sure, just to digest last week’s political circus! But, one must remember the weekend mantra…”He thinks we are all stupid!” Just keep saying that to yourself and don’t let disappointment get the best of you. You must see that Trump works the room by repeating his lies over and over again making you feel that you haven’t a chance, but, the truth will tell the final story. I really do believe that James Comey did not confront the President early on because he wanted more evidence and that he knew once he said something to him, he would have been fired earlier. He knew that Trump would keep hounding him until he couldn’t take it anymore, but only after realizing he was beating a dead horse, When Trump saw his ship sinking, he had to make a decision and deal with the consequences Ultimately, Trump fired Comey and now discredits him, so much the same as he did with his political opponents during the Campaign as in Lying Ted, Low Energy Bush, Crooked Hillary, and now it is Nutty Comey and much worse! It’s working for him until it doesn’t work anymore. Could make quite a novel…only it is really happening and many scenarios are evolving. Trump’s behavior is closing in on Trump! Keep saying it, “He thinks we are all stupid!” and hold on because we are in for a giant roller coaster ride never to the likes of anything we could have imagined! Happy Sunday!

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