Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Trump Stew…Old Family Recipe!

Trump Stew…Old Family Recipe!
235 lbs. (approximate) Donald J Trump
1 whole Steve Bannon (a little tough)
1 whole Jared Kushner (no added taste)
1 whole Michael Flynn (sour)
1 whole Sean Spicer (nothing to speak of)
Dash of:  Jeff Sessions-Eric Trump-Donald Trump Jr. (just more of the same)
A pinch of Ivanka (for looks)
Optional – Melania Trump (for style)
Big League Brand / Bag of Lies (can be generic)
Most Important: Dressing must be Russian (thickens the Stew)
Preparation time can vary; 130 days to 4 years!

Mix all ingredients together making sure nothing escapes!
Chef Trump requests a Teflon Pan so that nothing will stick… with high heat …a must!
Not to worry, it doesn't matter how long it cooks…it will never get overdone…or done!
He says none of the ingredients are fake…and that is really news to me!
Trump Stew will stick together with tastes always changing!
Serve, preferably, with a liquid to wash it down because it may be difficult to swallow!
Linda Gefen  

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