Thursday, June 8, 2017

There’s a Sucker Born Every Day!

After watching a group of people being interviewed about the James Comey testimony today, I realized that PT Barnum was correct. There really is a sucker born every day. They were Trump supporters who really believed that Comey lied and Donald J Trump was still their idol. James Comey may not be everything to everyone, but a liar, he is not. Even with all that Trump has shown with his bizarre behavior and outright lies during and after his contentious campaign, which obviously appealed to enough people to win a presidential election, they still revere him. Who wouldn’t want such unconditional love

We all know that the Republicans on the Hill are keeping silent because of their agenda, but once the first sign of a change of heart from Trump’s diehard supporters shows in the polls, all hell will break loose. The silence will suddenly be broken, and their spineless support will fade away. Every time a con man gets caught we always say it will never happen again, that we know better. Look at Bernie Madoff. It took 48 years (1960-2008) to find out he was heading a giant Ponzi Scheme, the oldest trick in the book. Trump is a different kind of Madoff. Ironically, he is a man who is consumed with money and power but preys off of the person who needs government aid the most and appeals to their greatest fears, promoting it through lies and propaganda. It seems he can do no wrong! I, for one, hope that the ongoing investigation sheds the light needed to make this wrong… a right!

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