Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Millennials…Vote Your Brain!!

I am sitting here at my laptop wondering what I can say to help you make a decision that could affect your lives even more than you think. During this contentious Presidential Election, so many twists and turns, your votes will really make the difference between working on the agenda that Bernie Sanders created, or losing it for years to come because of displaced anger. Sanders, with your undying support, put forth a progressive platform to the Democratic Party that can change the lives of working people for the better.

It cannot happen if your vote does not go to Hillary Clinton. By not voting or giving your vote to the 3rd Party Candidate will undo all of the hard work you accomplished with Sanders. It is true, not everything can be done overnight, but, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton will work together to make the changes that are needed. With a 3rd Party Vote or a No Vote…all you are accomplishing is a possible Trump win. Now that will not prove anything or help your cause. As educated voters, somewhere between ages of 19-29, adding up to 15% of the voting population, your vote really counts!

During the last 8 years, while you were growing up, our country elected our first African American President, Barack Obama.  History was made in 2008. Hillary Clinton lost the Democratic Primary to Obama, but he realized her abilities and perseverance and appointed her Secretary of State. At the time she lost the Primary she conceded to him in a classy and most intelligent way. Clinton did not disappear into the woodwork like so many political candidates do after they lose. Clinton has worked alongside our Government supporting our Democratic values during a tumultuous time both at home and abroad.

Along with our technological progress, also come complicated world views demanding close ties with allies and decisions that require real knowledge. Change does not mean, getting rid of, it means working together to make it better. During the last 8 years our country was working hard to rebuild its economy, which in 2008 was on its way to the deepest depression since The Great Depression in the 1930”s. The spiraling down of our economy manifested itself during the Bush Republican Administration, because of their careless economic policies. Blame does not help, but knowledge does! Although the state of our economy is not perfect, it is growing in a slow determined way. Even our “Affordable Health Care,” known as “Obama Care,” especially when opponents claim they want to abolish it, is a giant step forward. It needs tweaking, for sure, but it is in place and has helped millions of people who would have not had health care without it. Clinton will be there to continue the progress already in the works. Along with Bernie Sanders, more progress will take place promoting all that you worked so hard to promote.

Although Bernie called it a Revolution, it will be more like an Evolution, an agenda that will evolve. That is the way things should happen so that we can easily make the changes that need to be done. I for one would have loved to have free Public Education on the higher level at the time when my sons attended college. As a working middle class family in the 90’s, we took out college loans which took us years to pay back. We also have son who is mentally challenged and we have financial responsibilities for the rest of our lives because there is not enough financial aid available. We could be angry, but working hard to create change is the route we are taking. It was also not fun listening to Trump mocking a disabled news commentator just because he was not happy with what he was reporting.   Just another thought to note; The Supreme Court is subject to a big change if Trump gets into office. He has said it, as well as his determination to support the gun lobbyists. Comprehensive Gun control will be off the table. His Racist and Irrational Behaviors filled with lies are just the other very important reasons for your voting decisions.

Just remember, when it comes to Brains V/S Brawn, which would you choose? I think I know the answer to that question. You are an educated, young and important constituency; filled with idealistic ideas that will eventually be fulfilled, but only if we go in the right direction. I am 72 years old and spending far too much time thinking about this, but my sense that the other reality, a Trump Administration, is far too dangerous, backwards, or even disastrous, for our Democracy. Bernie Sanders lost the Primary, fair and square, and now it is time to follow him and vote the Democratic Ballot so that his dreams, and yours, can come to fruition. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

The “Basket Of Adorables”….?? *

First of all, besides rhyming with deplorable, the adjective, adorable, according to the dictionary, means “Inspiring great Affection”. This imaginary basket holds the likes of people who have fought for the rights we take so much for granted. I think a significant part of our nation has forgotten what it took, how many years trudging forward, passing laws by a majority, not authority, and finally reaching success, one by one. The names below are a reminder that nothing can be accomplished quickly when a majority has to bring ideas and beliefs to fruition. 
But, it could take a very short time to undo all that they have accomplished. This could happen if we elect a candidate who demonstrates his belief in a strong authoritarian Leader such as Putin. Trump has definitely, over and over again, complimented Putin’s strength, when we definitely know Putin’s control goes far beyond strength of character but more like a Dictator. The names listed below go past political parties; they represent the growth of our Democracy.  Each climbed, in my opinion, a “Mountain of Negatives”, but never gave up!
Susan B Anthony- 1820/1906   Co-founded the first Women’s Temperance Movement with Elizabeth Cady Stanton, aiming to expand the right to vote in the US to explicitly include women. Traveled across the United States and Europe, averaging 75 and 100 speeches annually, at a time when Trains or Horse & Buggy were predominantly the common means of transportation. Let us not forget!
Abraham Lincoln- 1809/1865 President Lincoln created and signed the Emancipation Proclamation-A president in progress, first to save the Union during the Civil War, and then to go on to Free the Slaves. “All Men are Created Equal”…An idea we are still grappling with today. He is truly known to be the greatest American President. Let us not forget!
Woodrow Wilson- 1856/1924   The 19th Amendment was ratified during his Presidential administration, allowing the right for women to vote. Although women were allowed to vote in some states earlier, this was universal so that all women throughout the USA could vote in elections. Let us not forget!
Harriet Tubman 1822/1913   She was born to enslaved parents, saw her sisters being chained and dragged through the streets to be sold as slaves, was lucky to escape her bondage and work her way through the south, safe house to safe house, ending up in the North. She is considered to be the “Moses” of her people. Her sacrifice was beyond the call of duty. She escaped and went back to help others escape and became known as the “Conductor” of the Underground Railroad. Her deeds continue to resonate through history. Let us not forget!
Eleanor Roosevelt-1884/1962   She fought for Equal Rights for all. A delegate to the General Assembly under President Truman, Eleanor continued her fight for Human Rights. Her time spent in a boarding school in London after she became an orphan at 10 years of age, was the beginning of her role as a Woman of the future. She continued her efforts until her death at the age of 78. She had to get through the hurt of her husband’s, Franklin D. Roosevelt, indiscretions, not unlike Hillary Clinton. Her choice was to stay on as First Lady to save her marriage and ability to carry on her Political Goals, helping raise awareness for Human Rights. On a lighter note, tell me the name of any First Lady who packed her bags to leave the White House? Let us not forget!
Lyndon B Johnson- 1908/1973  The 36th President of the USA, known for the “Great Society” legislation, upholding CIVIL RIGHTS, public broadcasting, Medicare, Medicaid, aid to education, the arts, urban and rural development, public services, and his WAR ON POVERTY, helping millions of Americans rise above the poverty level. The VOTING RIGHTS ACT banned certain requirements in southern states used to disenfranchise AFRICAN AMERICANS. The passage of the IMMIGRATION AND NATIONALITY ACT of 1965, not so long ago, reformed the Nation’s Immigration System by removing Racial Origin Quotas. As you can see, so many changes were made to make our society more equal for all people, including IMMIGRANTS. Let us not forget!
Rosa Parks-1913/2005   A Civil Rights Activist who refused to surrender her bus seat to a white passenger, spurring the Montgomery boycott and other efforts to end segregation. This action galvanized the Civil Rights Movement in the USA. She was truly, while a young Martin Luther King was starting his journey, the hallmark of this Revolution. Rosa Parks was honored by the NAACP as well as the President.
Cesar Chavez- 1927-1993    He was a Mexican-American farm worker, labor leader and civil rights activist. He worked to get better working conditions for farm workers who were routinely exploited. Chavez organized them into the National Farm Workers Association, which later became the United Farm Workers. Because of his continuing work for these issues he was recognized with the highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Let us not forget!
Martin Luther King- 1929/1968   He was a leader in American Civil Rights for 13 years, working through nonviolent actions. He helped promote racial equality in the USA from December 1955 until his assassination on April 4, 1968. The Center for Nonviolent Social Change was dedicated in his memory by his wife, Coretta Scott King., to continue his work of addressing social ills around the world. King’s teaching, a combination of the Bible and Mahatma Gandhi, are studied by scholars and students around the world. Somehow, I think if he were running for President, Donald Trump would ask him to show his Birth Certificate! We now celebrate Martin Luther King Day as a National Holiday in the USA.  Let us not forget!
James Meredith- 1933/     Is known for being the first black to attend the University of Mississippi. This was one of the earliest important victories against Mississippi. The NAACP fought for him to win the battle to integrate “OLE Miss”. He would accept no monies…paying his own tuition. His savings came from a meager income he made as a member of the US AIR FORCE. After attending many all black schools, the day after President John F. Kennedy was inaugurated, and sent in an application to University of Mississippi which was all white at the time. His actions opened the doors to “OLE MISS” and made strides for desegregation for the future of our country. Every step these young brave people made brought us closer to electing our first African American President, Barack Obama. That is how progress works…it is always a long journey, requiring the MAJORITY to vote in the Laws that further our Countries Freedoms. Let us not forget!
Gloria Steinem- 1934/   Steinem is known for her Feminist Movement. She is an American Feminist Journalist, and social and political activist, who became nationally recognized as a leader and a spokeswoman for the feminist movement in the early 1960”s and early 1970”s. She has been fighting for equality for women of all races, throughout those years, and is still traveling, internationally, as an organizer and lecturer, and is a media spokeswoman on issues of equality. Women’s fight for equality will continue with many other young leaders, thanks to Gloria Steinem and her forward thinking for women. Let us not forget!
Harvey Milk- 1930/1978   Harvey Milk made history when he became one of the first openly gay officials in the United States in 1977, when he was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. He became a Gay Rights Activist, outspoken, with political connections. Books and Movies have been made to depict all that he did for Gay Rights. For all of his work, facing immense negativity from Anti-Gay Right Activists, Harvey Milk was assassinated. The fight still goes on, but thanks to him, the path was opened. Let us not forget!
Lily Ledbetter- 1938/    Lily opened the door to equal pay for equal work for women. After 20 years with Goodyear, she realized that her pay was thousand less than that of men doing the same job. Her historic discrimination case inspired the Lily Ledbetter Fair Play Restoration Act, for equal rights in the workplace. Certainly, it was a Victory for the Nation. This was President Barack Obama’s first official piece of legislation. She has since become a women’s equality activist. Let us not forget!
John L. Lewis- 1940/     He dedicated his life to protecting human rights, the Champion of Civil Rights. Lewis was born in Alabama, when segregation was still at its highest level. Humiliating segregation in education, public facilities, and were prevented from voting by systematic discrimination and intimidation. For all of his work, Congressman Lewis was given the John F. Kennedy “Profile in Courage” award for lifetime achievement. Let us not forget!
I hope this list of people who have been major contributors for Human Rights gives a picture of a timeline and how much one person can do when they are passionate and involved. There are so many more out there that have opened the doors to the freedoms we are all enjoying. But, along with these trailblazers are those who, unfortunately, still remain Racist, Bigots, Anti-Gay, Anti-Womens Rights, etc. They are truly the “Deplorables” because of their negative social beliefs and practices. The Trump Campaign has given a voice to those who are in this category. His Racist Rhetoric has brought them into the mainstream. It seems to me there is definitely a Political War between the “Adorables  Deplorables”.  If you look at the list above….all of the names except for Abraham Lincoln, are Democrats. It seems that most social changes were fought for by people with more Liberal values. This Presidential Election is so important in light of the Racist and Unstable Behavior of Trump. We need to make sure that Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Candidate, receives the majority Vote.

* A group of friends and I thought that the term “Adorables” …”Inspiring Great Affection”….was the perfect term for those people who contributed so much to our society.

Since writing this piece, Trump has once again blurted out more outrageous remarks! These deep seeded feelings come from his inability to dismiss his opponents while running for President. He tries to discredit them with lies, and somehow his followers and surrogates, either believe what he does, or fall into his trap. He is frothing at the mouth, to say it lightly, to be able to govern our nation in a manner we have never experienced. I am sure he looks in the mirror every night and cannot believe how stupid his constituents are, or at least those who really don't get it!! Just referencing, over and over again, shooting people in public and getting away with it, giving Second Amendment people the thought of doing away with his opponent, taking body guards away from his opponent, shows you where he is leading. As time gets closer and his back is against the wall, just wait and be prepared to more bizarre behavior. Furthermore, Trump's Birther Movement is far from over. His disdain for having to say that Barack Obama was born in this country showed a total lack of sincerity and displayed once again, his need to dismiss anything that comes in his way. In Trumpland, he was always able to make decisions and close the door. He forgot about all the "Adorables", the brave people that are listed above. Their voices will remain on the right side of History. His will only go down in History!!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Why….A Basket of Deplorable….?

To be honest, I was a little taken back hearing Hillary Clinton use this term when referring to one half of Donald Trump supporters. She clarified the term by calling them Racists, Sexists, Demagogues, Homophobic, etc. How did this come about? I watched and listened to most of the Republican Convention and came out with the feeling that Trump had really rounded up the people who were most easy to fit into that category.

I hate to even say this, but he encouraged the behavior of his audience by edging them on using his offensive rhetoric. Calling adversaries’ names such as Crooked Hillary and Lying Ted amongst other awful adjectives just made things worse. He also claimed that our Government is rigged for certain people and the results gotten were false. In other words, that if someone he did not like was not proven guilty it meant they were not investigated or tried properly. Namely, the Clinton E-mail issue. No matter what, she had to be indicted or the results were wrong. His audience was provoked by his words, demeanor and of course special body language skills, to chant, over and over again, “Lock Her UP”! The chanting went on throughout the entire Convention.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, known as an “Anti-Government Extremist,” was invited to speak at the Trump Convention. He is known for his extreme Anti-Immigration policies. It is also nauseating to hear another supporter of Trump, New Hampshire State Senator Al Baldasaro,  claim that Hillary Clinton should be convicted for treason and put before a firing squad for using her private e-mail server. Convinced that she got away with "IT"…whatever "IT" meant!

 If I were Hillary Clinton, I would have just about had it! This Convention and Campaign shows a display of Un-American behavior. Between the Plagiarism that took place by Melania, Trumps wife, and the negative words throughout the week and months, there is no doubt that one can feel that a great deal of Trump’s followers fit into that “Basket of Deplorable.” Isn’t Donald Trump inadvertently, just a little responsible for creating that term? I think he is!

A Cry for Sanity…and Truth!

Another week has gone by and I am still amazed that Donald Trump is being supported by Republicans such as Paul Ryan and Mitch Mc Connell. They have not realized or do not want to accept the fact that Trump is representing his own personal Agenda…The Trump Party. This Party is a combination of beliefs, changing   on a whim, to cause confusion or get votes from various minority groups he has not reached. His admiration for Leaders such as Putin, who is so against our way of governing, is mind boggling. Is the Republican’s need to win as vicious as Trump’s? You do realize they are two different entities. The Republicans V/S Trump…unless American values are totally thrown out the window. That is the question! Say anything and do anything to win! Is this really what Paul Ryan wants? If Mitch McConnell didn’t want to work with Obama just wait until he has to deal with Trump, if he were to win. So many Republicans have cut themselves loose from supporting Trump, but too many are hanging on by their coattails just to make sure they are there if Trump happens to pull off this fiasco of a Campaign. Shame on those surrogates hanging on. They are meaningless to Trump. He has his core group of die hard “Trumpettes” who keep making excuses for him by interpreting his rhetoric through lies and misconceptions of the truth. I’ve always based my opinions about people or politics by what someone says. I don’t want to hear what they meant to say after the fact. From the Birther Movement to the name calling, the taxes, the lawsuits, the ignorance of facts pertaining to world events, racism remarks, religious intolerance, bullying and know it all ideas, Trump has displayed the truth about himself. Even his answer about his security briefing and how he can, through special abilities, determine what transpired within that secure room. He says he can figure all this out through body language. We know he is a pro at body language just by how he mimicked the disabled reporter during one of his rallies. He did that really well and gets an A in my book for making fun of someone’s disability. That is the only truth coming out of that disgusting display of behavior, no less, by a Candidate running for the highest office in the world, President of the United States of America.

I cannot write this without saying that I am a registered Democrat. My choice is a little easier because I truly believe in Hillary Clinton as a viable candidate. Although mistakes were made she has taken responsibility and has not been indicted by our Government. There is something that sits very uneasy, a pit in my stomach, when I hear them, the Trump Republicans, saying that the system is rigged and that somehow Clinton has a special relationship with our Government and gets away with everything and anything, even the possibility of shooting someone in the heart in public view. That little tidbit was spoken at a rally, just hours ago, by Donald Trump. Once again, he denounces the credibility of our Government. In some countries those statements would be considered treason.

If Donald Trump were the candidate of choice by the Democratic Party, I could not vote for him. I would have to turn the other cheek and vote against some of my values, like Women’s Right to Choose or Gay Rights, not usually promoted by the Republican Party Platform, just to not allow someone to take office who can set our country back 100 years. Remember, he would have been an impostor with his Trump agenda, certainly not a Democrat. 

I would be worried about all the rights and values for any of our Political Parties. Although he seems to have a tight relationship with Russia, he would throw them to the dogs if a better opportunity  came along. The word Control, that he uses frequently when he speaks about leadership is synonymous with Domination, as in a Sovereign State or Third World Country. In simple terms, it’s "His Way or the Highway!"

I am only one of many concerned citizens frightened of the possibility of a Trump victory. In my heart of hearts I do not believe that could happen. Voting is of the greatest importance, because a non vote could still allow for the door to be open for Trump to win, for winning is what he wants at any cost. At least you can count on the fact that a vote for Hillary Clinton could help make history. With that win, we will elect the first woman President of The United States of America. This has to be better than voting in a Candidate, Trump, that can make the history we do not want.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Hillary Clinton's Campaign must be out there from this point on, Labor Day, with all it has to throw back to Trump along with the most information about Hillary Clinton's Legacies as a young Attorney fighting for children and the disadvantaged, former first Lady of the USA, New York State Senator and, of course, Secretary of State under President Obama, her opponent during the 2008 Presidential Campaign. When you are around that long, have the stamina and desire to continue, with a following of brilliant people with the credentials one needs to count on, how can anyone not see her readiness.If we don't accept the law as our judge than what do we have left?  

While Clinton was doing all of this, Donald Trump was building his own personal Empire. That sounds great, only during this time he amassed many business bankruptcies, lawsuits against him for disingenuous
business practices, such as, not paying his contractors, leaving them in the lurch and putting them out of business. He also had the time and energy to start the "Birther Movement." He tried to discredit President Obama while he was running for President by claiming he was not a real American! He continuously called him different, forcing the issue of producing his birth certificate and other proof that he attended the schools he graduated from. That was Trumps first outward declaration showing his innate persona of clearly being a Racist. I truly believe that is why he is running for President. He figures that if this "Outsider" ( that is what he thought about Obama ) could become President so could he, I know this sounds crazy, but I think that is the way a Narcissist thinks and Donald Trump fits this mold. His acts of Racism have continued to grow. Today it is rampant with his rhetoric about Immigration by using words like Extra Strong Vetting and Deportation and growing Agencies for Deportation. He even recently suggested that Hillary Clinton should be deported! Is he for real? Unfortunately, yes! It is up to the voters in November to get out there and stop this Bully of a so called Candidate.

Only time will tell and the time is definitely closing in. November 8th will tell the tale. Voting is a right and a privilege we have in America, so let's get out there and make sure we send a message to
our political parties, one way or the other. I can only say one thing, "May the Best Woman Win"! 


After a week of seeing and hearing Trump all over the media, I have come to the conclusion that the main objective for his ongoing Campaign is to create confusion. His contradictory statements about immigration and race issues are done to keep his base, along with gaining votes from anyone else who might be undecided so that he can bring the polls closer. There might be people who actually only heard his so called "softening" speech who are on the fence. Not everyone is glued to the TV like I am. I have noticed that in my conversations with friends who really do not like Trump, but can't stand Clinton, when confronted with his behavior, they don't defend him, they immediately bring up something about her.

On the other hand, I feel compelled to defend Hillary Clinton, I wish she would defend herself a little more but I am sure that will come soon. Clinton was never convicted of anything by the law. The accusations throughout the years have come from the opposing party, the Republican Party. Usually these accusations arise before and during major campaigns. Anyone can be accused of anything, but this goes above and beyond. What I see when his surrogates are interviewed is that any question about Trump becomes an answer about Clinton. That is the goal, as the saying goes, Offense is the Best Defense. If they are allowed to get away with it, it can works. The listeners are hearing and processing the information they hear. Again, not everyone hears everything so the more that gets out their the better it is. Apologizing is not the answer because if it didn't work once or twice or more times...it won't work again.

Clinton has to keep telling people her many accomplishments during the last 40 years. Also explain the road ahead if elected President. Of course they have to continuously discredit Trump which should be easy being that he does it himself. Just look at who is running his campaign, hard line Alt-Right followers like Steve Bannon.

Saturday, September 3, 2016


Right now we have a candidate, Donald Trump, who has demonstrated himself to be a Demagogue by the rhetoric he uses about Immigration. When you choose one group of people or two groups of people to profile, it doesn’t matter, it is still called Prejudice. You have to go back in history and compare what he is proposing. His immigration policies are egregious. His entire campaign has been bringing those people together who support prejudices rather than using a rational argument. The scary thing is, there are so many people who would rather blame somebody else, usually minority groups, for their tales of woe
History can repeat itself if left in the hands of such people and their leaders.

The cartoon above represents Trump, the candidate, rolling in the “Trojan Horse”{1}. .  Beware of his bag of tricks. Whatever he says is based on where he is and who he is speaking to, and usually filled with lies. I was amazed when I looked up his statements in Politico for True or False and remarkably almost all he says are at least one-half or all false. The only statement he said that was fully true was that Hillary Clinton hasn’t had a news conference in months. Wow! If he were to win, we don’t know what would creep out of that “Horse.”

{1} Metaphorically a “Trojan Horse” has come to mean any trick or stratagem that causes a target to invite a foe into a securely protected bastion or place. A malicious computer program which tricks users into willingly running it is also called a “Trojan Horse”. (Wikipedia)