Thursday, June 22, 2017


Positive Mental Attitude, PMA, is the way to go after a disappointing election outcome. Instead of trying to recreate the wheel, stop and evaluate all that Democrats have accomplished throughout the years. All roads leading to human rights were mostly fought for by those brave leaders, Democrats, including Martin Luther King fighting to end segregation, Harvey Milk fighting and losing his life, for gay rights,  Gloria Steinem fighting for equality for women, with a list that can go on forever. Re-evaluate who you are and tell the message loud and clear! I think when the leaders in the Democratic Party became too wealthy, they lost their message. When money becomes the biggest issue, then, you are really Republicans in Democrat's clothing! Think about what was spent in the Georgia campaign; 30 million Dollars for more dumb ads on TV. Take that money and do something great in the State you are running and you will have millions of people seeing results along with loads of free advertising much less endorsements. Actions speak louder than words, and we can really use some action! Education in rural communities, feeding the hungry as there are plenty of people out there that need help, tell what you would do with healthcare without being afraid someone will steal your ideas, just a few of the many things you could be doing with all that money you raise! I am personally tired of donating for things we never see! 

Published in the Sun Sentinel
Thursday, June 21

Linda Gefen
Boca Raton, FL

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