Sunday, March 26, 2017

Majority doesn’t always rule!

As we clearly saw, sometimes having a majority does not necessarily lead to success in trying to pass legislation. In an odd way, our democracy showed us signs that it is still alive and well, thanks to people sticking to their convictions or following their conscience. On the right, the Freedom Caucus or better known as the former Tea Party, stuck to their convictions of an ultra right wing agenda of as little or no government as possible when it comes to health care, really meaning, no universal health care! I would like to know how many of these constituents have given up their Social Security or Medicare benefits whether they need it or not. Then you have the Republicans who fit into a more moderate mode who have a conscience and are willing to say that although Obamacare needs help, they cannot repeal it without a new program that will not take away the healthcare benefits that are already in place. 

Whether it is for their own political careers or for their constituents, their choice to vote no was a sign that progress may move forward. They had the Majority but even within, they were split because our world today is much broader than the extreme right or perhaps even the extreme left. A more moderate view of life in America is the way to work things out to benefit the masses. Our two-party political system works best when we have compromise on both ends of the spectrum. Too far to the right means abandonment of rules as well as too far to the left means abuse of rules. 

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