Thursday, March 23, 2017

Leaving a Legacy…Fix or Repeal!

I would rather leave a legacy of being the leader who finally got the right to universal healthcare on the map for all Americans than a legacy of repealing it and replacing it with nothing more than a scam, destined to hurt most of the population. This ploy to repeal was the dream of Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, from the day The Affordable Health Care Act, Obama Care, was enacted. Just get rid of it! They had 8 years to work on a so called better system but that was not the goal at all, otherwise it would have been done.

The political arena is showing its worst possible moment in history. The AFS, as I named Alternative Fact Syndrome, is rampant among leaders in the Republican Party, starting at the top with President Donald J Trump. He sold a bill of goods to his constituents and they fell for it hook, line and sinker. Why? They were vulnerable and angry or just plain hated President Obama and would do anything to deface him, even by inadvertently hurting themselves.

Let it happen and the Legacy of the Republican Party will be one that will carry them through a failing Administration, especially when they have to face midterm elections in 2018. At best, it will be difficult enough to deal with all of the other lies, but healthcare is way up there and certainly speaks out to the masses.
In or out, I am personally proud that President Obama was able to get the attention of Universal Healthcare on the map so that these issues could be brought to the surface. Medicare is one of the most successful Government assisted programs, so why not bring something that works to meet all of the population. By tonight, we will know what we are in store for. It would be so much easier to fix that part which is not working than to just steamroller over it. Which Legacy would you want to go down in history? America First or Politics!

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