Friday, March 10, 2017

Soaring Markets…..Obama or Trump?

Yes…Our Stock Market is reaching greater heights than ever before! Did anyone notice that nothing has happened yet? Nothing has changed since Trump was inaugurated. All this has taken place because our markets were stabilized after eight hard years of keeping things in check so that our economy had a chance, like a sick person, to heal properly and reach the comfort zone it has today. Wow, how forgetful we or 40% of us are. To think that the “magic” words coming from Trump concerning our so-called “slowest reboot of an economy ever” is causing this to happen, is utterly ridiculous! If companies were failing, talk alone would do nothing. They were sound at the time of the 2016 election and to Trump’s good fortune he had a sane Obama administration to follow. But, of course, Donald Trump takes the credit for anything except his own failures. Those he blames on anyone around him, preferably past President Barack Obama.

Wake up America! We are where we are because of the last eight years! We will have plenty of time to judge what is happening now in the days ahead. So far….NOTHING!

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