Sunday, March 19, 2017

Apology…is that enough?

I must be missing something! When someone blatantly lies in a direct statement which defaces an individual, it seems to me the perpetrator leaves themselves open for a liable lawsuit. In this case, our President, Trump, is doubling down on a lie he conjured up supporting a theory that President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the 2016 Presidential Campaign. Over and over again, repeating this in news conferences, idle conversations, Twitter and a specific meeting with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. This, one of his many lies, is a lot more serious. Attacking the character of his predecessor and not accepting the statements of our intelligence community but the words of hacks from known alt right news media, says that he chooses to live in his alternative reality on all counts. Very dangerous, but true, based on the last 59 days of his presidency.
Nancy Pelosi was kind to ask Trump to apologize. I hope that the underlying feeling in his own Republican Party if you can call it that today, will rise above politics and call him out by expressing their views openly. They hated Trump for his values or non-values, before the election and now have the opportunity to stop him in his tracks by speaking out. If they don’t, I believe they will be on the wrong side of history leaving a legacy that will take years to repair.

I hope President Obama is planning to speak out, through his attorneys, with a liable suit that will cause President Trump to step down or a possibility of impeachment if his own party finally realizes the danger he presents to the future of USA. Could this really happen when Republicans are in charge?

Surely not, when right now I am watching Vice President Pence once again lie about Obama Care or the Affordable Health Care we are now living with. With all of its faults, which we can certainly fix, he is still spouting out the propaganda that only politicians can do without having their noses grow like the well known storybook character, Pinocchio.  Anything to take Obama’s name off, even trying to get a new health care act to replace it that will totally take health insurance down to a new low. Even though actuariescame out with facts, an unacceptable word for this administration, disputing the language of Pence and certainly Paul Ryan and other right wing followers, they choose to continue the lie without flinching. I am a believer that the truth prevails so I still have hope that the average person will win because they are going to be the most affected by this fiasco. Trump supporters will see their health insurance disappear within a few years. By the time they are disappointed by their presidential choice, it will be too late, especially for their children and grandchildren.

An apology is not enough! Many apologies for all sorts of lies, a book of apologies would be better, and not just for Trump, but for those who don’t speak out. The enablers are just as responsible, starting with Vice President Pence, Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, two people who are heartbeats away from becoming President.

Shame on all of them!

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