Thursday, March 16, 2017

Web of Lies!

As a child, I was told that one lie leads to another and another until you finally get caught.

I was told that even if the truth hurts it clears the slate and opens the door to credibility.

 Once a person creates an atmosphere of lies and deceit it is hard for anyone to believe anything that they say.

Every day that goes by in the Trump Administration new lies are placed upon old lies hoping that we, the people, will not notice.

I think we, the people, are going to see an implosion within the Republican Party when all of the lies are exposed and become reality!

There probably is an investigation going on concerning Trump and his people to the Russians during the 2016 presidential campaign.
Trump, himself, probably released his 2-page 2005 tax return to show that he really is a wealthy man because he needs that news, even if it is now possibly false.

As the lies keep building up the web becomes larger and more fragmented, eventually to break off and fall apart.

Soon, we the people, the majority, will be able to rest at night when all the truth is finally known.

President Trump will have to eventually show all the cards of the hand he is dealt! 

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