Monday, April 10, 2017

Who done it?

 It’s really amazing that during the last few days there has been no focus on the investigation of Trump and his administration with regards to their possible involvement with Russia during the 2016 presidential election, or at least very little. The news shifted to another major world event. What a tragedy that happened in Syria, with photos and videos of civilians, adults and innocent children, being assaulted with chemical warfare from their villainous leader, Assad. The question is why suddenly now? Things are bad enough, but somehow the need for a sudden jolt to divert attention once again was an instant success for those who might be complicit and responsible for such a heinous crime. Certainly not to say that Trump is responsible, but someone or some leaders, perhaps Putin himself, might have encouraged this to happen in order to get a cause and effect with our new unknowledgeable and unpredictable administration. If they wanted to push Trump’s buttons, which does not take much to do, they succeeded. Trump, the man who said never to go into Syria, who is also against allowing Syrian refugees to come to our shores, suddenly, without Congress, decides to perform air strikes in Syria. Bravado he needed dearly.

There are many thoughts about this decision to act unilaterally. First reactions are usually followed by more thoughtful rhetoric as to whether it was, and still going on, the right thing to do, especially without a strategic plan. It is scary to think that another Government might be pulling the strings and luring us into something that has no real good ending. Almost like the old Budd Abbot and Lou Costello joke of “Who’s on first?”  In this case, it is a “Who done it?”

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