Friday, March 10, 2017

Trumpism!..... A Cult?

One of the meanings of a cult, as listed in the Merriam -Webster Dictionary, is "a group of people with extreme dedication to a leader, an excessive and misplaced admiration for someone that is popular among a certain segment of society." They will accept anything that person says as truth even if it is clearly proven otherwise. Facts become the figment of his imagination and lies become his reality. Those who believe in him will follow him to the end of time!

Although this definition does not encompass a particular religious following, it does, however, sound familiar to me in today’s political arena. President Trump has exhibited behavior similar to cult leaders, drawing his followers in, like sheep, to an unwavering acceptance no matter what he says or does. “I can shoot a gun on 5th Avenue and people will still vote for me” is a statement most similar to what he said at one of his many religious style campaign rallies. Propaganda used to its utmost level, only to gain the approval of his audience.

What is it that allows people to follow someone who offers nothing about him other than his very own words of praise and self-approval as though he were a god? “I can do it all by myself” is a statement often used by President Trump. When does this person who seems to carry the approval of 40% of our population cross the line? It seems to me he does this every day, but his polls still show a sense of extreme adoration in his favor. I, as many others, are waiting patiently for the shoe to drop. Every day Trump falls deeper in a hole that even his followers eventually won’t jump into. A non-reader, not interested in valued information, along with an unscrupulous mind filled with extreme fantasy like behavior coming directly from Grimm Fairy Tales, cannot ultimately sustain himself.

“Beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing” as well as “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts” are just two commonly used phrases throughout the years that we have to revisit. No tax returns along with outright lies, bullying with early morning tweets and most recently an accusation to a new level of insanity towards our past President is proving Trump will soon reach his true level of incompetence. The Peter Principle never fails for people like Trump. They create their own failure just by being themselves. I hope his followers stop following before they are caught in his web and go down with the ship. Unfortunately, his adversaries will have to suffer as well. It’s happened before, history does repeat itself, and in our forever changing world we live in, fast and furious, it can happen sooner than later.

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