Thursday, March 16, 2017


It must be a Republican trait being that everyone you hear speaking is saying words that seem to be in another language. No one is saying what they really mean to say, at least, that is what we are told. President Trump accused President Obama of wiretapping the phones at Mara Lago during his “sacred” presidential campaign…but really did not say it! I heard it myself, right on TV, which is Presidents Trump’s most valid news source. So, how could I be wrong? But, as usual, his supporters, sidekicks, along with all the other culprits or usual suspects, like Paul Ryan, have to constantly redefine his words. Of course, this is not just for Trump, but Jeff Sessions, and most recently, like this morning, Iowa Congressman Steve King making a controversial remark that was once again redefined.

What are we supposed to believe? Do we believe words coming straight from the source or the person who redefines those words? This is happening all too often with our new Republican Party. Just say what you want because they will believe it or just change the words to make them more palatable. This "Tourette Syndrome" way of speaking seems to be contagious or just plain old DNA!

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