Monday, September 12, 2016

Why….A Basket of Deplorable….?

To be honest, I was a little taken back hearing Hillary Clinton use this term when referring to one half of Donald Trump supporters. She clarified the term by calling them Racists, Sexists, Demagogues, Homophobic, etc. How did this come about? I watched and listened to most of the Republican Convention and came out with the feeling that Trump had really rounded up the people who were most easy to fit into that category.

I hate to even say this, but he encouraged the behavior of his audience by edging them on using his offensive rhetoric. Calling adversaries’ names such as Crooked Hillary and Lying Ted amongst other awful adjectives just made things worse. He also claimed that our Government is rigged for certain people and the results gotten were false. In other words, that if someone he did not like was not proven guilty it meant they were not investigated or tried properly. Namely, the Clinton E-mail issue. No matter what, she had to be indicted or the results were wrong. His audience was provoked by his words, demeanor and of course special body language skills, to chant, over and over again, “Lock Her UP”! The chanting went on throughout the entire Convention.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, known as an “Anti-Government Extremist,” was invited to speak at the Trump Convention. He is known for his extreme Anti-Immigration policies. It is also nauseating to hear another supporter of Trump, New Hampshire State Senator Al Baldasaro,  claim that Hillary Clinton should be convicted for treason and put before a firing squad for using her private e-mail server. Convinced that she got away with "IT"…whatever "IT" meant!

 If I were Hillary Clinton, I would have just about had it! This Convention and Campaign shows a display of Un-American behavior. Between the Plagiarism that took place by Melania, Trumps wife, and the negative words throughout the week and months, there is no doubt that one can feel that a great deal of Trump’s followers fit into that “Basket of Deplorable.” Isn’t Donald Trump inadvertently, just a little responsible for creating that term? I think he is!

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