Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Millennials…Vote Your Brain!!

I am sitting here at my laptop wondering what I can say to help you make a decision that could affect your lives even more than you think. During this contentious Presidential Election, so many twists and turns, your votes will really make the difference between working on the agenda that Bernie Sanders created, or losing it for years to come because of displaced anger. Sanders, with your undying support, put forth a progressive platform to the Democratic Party that can change the lives of working people for the better.

It cannot happen if your vote does not go to Hillary Clinton. By not voting or giving your vote to the 3rd Party Candidate will undo all of the hard work you accomplished with Sanders. It is true, not everything can be done overnight, but, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton will work together to make the changes that are needed. With a 3rd Party Vote or a No Vote…all you are accomplishing is a possible Trump win. Now that will not prove anything or help your cause. As educated voters, somewhere between ages of 19-29, adding up to 15% of the voting population, your vote really counts!

During the last 8 years, while you were growing up, our country elected our first African American President, Barack Obama.  History was made in 2008. Hillary Clinton lost the Democratic Primary to Obama, but he realized her abilities and perseverance and appointed her Secretary of State. At the time she lost the Primary she conceded to him in a classy and most intelligent way. Clinton did not disappear into the woodwork like so many political candidates do after they lose. Clinton has worked alongside our Government supporting our Democratic values during a tumultuous time both at home and abroad.

Along with our technological progress, also come complicated world views demanding close ties with allies and decisions that require real knowledge. Change does not mean, getting rid of, it means working together to make it better. During the last 8 years our country was working hard to rebuild its economy, which in 2008 was on its way to the deepest depression since The Great Depression in the 1930”s. The spiraling down of our economy manifested itself during the Bush Republican Administration, because of their careless economic policies. Blame does not help, but knowledge does! Although the state of our economy is not perfect, it is growing in a slow determined way. Even our “Affordable Health Care,” known as “Obama Care,” especially when opponents claim they want to abolish it, is a giant step forward. It needs tweaking, for sure, but it is in place and has helped millions of people who would have not had health care without it. Clinton will be there to continue the progress already in the works. Along with Bernie Sanders, more progress will take place promoting all that you worked so hard to promote.

Although Bernie called it a Revolution, it will be more like an Evolution, an agenda that will evolve. That is the way things should happen so that we can easily make the changes that need to be done. I for one would have loved to have free Public Education on the higher level at the time when my sons attended college. As a working middle class family in the 90’s, we took out college loans which took us years to pay back. We also have son who is mentally challenged and we have financial responsibilities for the rest of our lives because there is not enough financial aid available. We could be angry, but working hard to create change is the route we are taking. It was also not fun listening to Trump mocking a disabled news commentator just because he was not happy with what he was reporting.   Just another thought to note; The Supreme Court is subject to a big change if Trump gets into office. He has said it, as well as his determination to support the gun lobbyists. Comprehensive Gun control will be off the table. His Racist and Irrational Behaviors filled with lies are just the other very important reasons for your voting decisions.

Just remember, when it comes to Brains V/S Brawn, which would you choose? I think I know the answer to that question. You are an educated, young and important constituency; filled with idealistic ideas that will eventually be fulfilled, but only if we go in the right direction. I am 72 years old and spending far too much time thinking about this, but my sense that the other reality, a Trump Administration, is far too dangerous, backwards, or even disastrous, for our Democracy. Bernie Sanders lost the Primary, fair and square, and now it is time to follow him and vote the Democratic Ballot so that his dreams, and yours, can come to fruition. 

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