Monday, September 12, 2016

A Cry for Sanity…and Truth!

Another week has gone by and I am still amazed that Donald Trump is being supported by Republicans such as Paul Ryan and Mitch Mc Connell. They have not realized or do not want to accept the fact that Trump is representing his own personal Agenda…The Trump Party. This Party is a combination of beliefs, changing   on a whim, to cause confusion or get votes from various minority groups he has not reached. His admiration for Leaders such as Putin, who is so against our way of governing, is mind boggling. Is the Republican’s need to win as vicious as Trump’s? You do realize they are two different entities. The Republicans V/S Trump…unless American values are totally thrown out the window. That is the question! Say anything and do anything to win! Is this really what Paul Ryan wants? If Mitch McConnell didn’t want to work with Obama just wait until he has to deal with Trump, if he were to win. So many Republicans have cut themselves loose from supporting Trump, but too many are hanging on by their coattails just to make sure they are there if Trump happens to pull off this fiasco of a Campaign. Shame on those surrogates hanging on. They are meaningless to Trump. He has his core group of die hard “Trumpettes” who keep making excuses for him by interpreting his rhetoric through lies and misconceptions of the truth. I’ve always based my opinions about people or politics by what someone says. I don’t want to hear what they meant to say after the fact. From the Birther Movement to the name calling, the taxes, the lawsuits, the ignorance of facts pertaining to world events, racism remarks, religious intolerance, bullying and know it all ideas, Trump has displayed the truth about himself. Even his answer about his security briefing and how he can, through special abilities, determine what transpired within that secure room. He says he can figure all this out through body language. We know he is a pro at body language just by how he mimicked the disabled reporter during one of his rallies. He did that really well and gets an A in my book for making fun of someone’s disability. That is the only truth coming out of that disgusting display of behavior, no less, by a Candidate running for the highest office in the world, President of the United States of America.

I cannot write this without saying that I am a registered Democrat. My choice is a little easier because I truly believe in Hillary Clinton as a viable candidate. Although mistakes were made she has taken responsibility and has not been indicted by our Government. There is something that sits very uneasy, a pit in my stomach, when I hear them, the Trump Republicans, saying that the system is rigged and that somehow Clinton has a special relationship with our Government and gets away with everything and anything, even the possibility of shooting someone in the heart in public view. That little tidbit was spoken at a rally, just hours ago, by Donald Trump. Once again, he denounces the credibility of our Government. In some countries those statements would be considered treason.

If Donald Trump were the candidate of choice by the Democratic Party, I could not vote for him. I would have to turn the other cheek and vote against some of my values, like Women’s Right to Choose or Gay Rights, not usually promoted by the Republican Party Platform, just to not allow someone to take office who can set our country back 100 years. Remember, he would have been an impostor with his Trump agenda, certainly not a Democrat. 

I would be worried about all the rights and values for any of our Political Parties. Although he seems to have a tight relationship with Russia, he would throw them to the dogs if a better opportunity  came along. The word Control, that he uses frequently when he speaks about leadership is synonymous with Domination, as in a Sovereign State or Third World Country. In simple terms, it’s "His Way or the Highway!"

I am only one of many concerned citizens frightened of the possibility of a Trump victory. In my heart of hearts I do not believe that could happen. Voting is of the greatest importance, because a non vote could still allow for the door to be open for Trump to win, for winning is what he wants at any cost. At least you can count on the fact that a vote for Hillary Clinton could help make history. With that win, we will elect the first woman President of The United States of America. This has to be better than voting in a Candidate, Trump, that can make the history we do not want.

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