Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Hillary Clinton's Campaign must be out there from this point on, Labor Day, with all it has to throw back to Trump along with the most information about Hillary Clinton's Legacies as a young Attorney fighting for children and the disadvantaged, former first Lady of the USA, New York State Senator and, of course, Secretary of State under President Obama, her opponent during the 2008 Presidential Campaign. When you are around that long, have the stamina and desire to continue, with a following of brilliant people with the credentials one needs to count on, how can anyone not see her readiness.If we don't accept the law as our judge than what do we have left?  

While Clinton was doing all of this, Donald Trump was building his own personal Empire. That sounds great, only during this time he amassed many business bankruptcies, lawsuits against him for disingenuous
business practices, such as, not paying his contractors, leaving them in the lurch and putting them out of business. He also had the time and energy to start the "Birther Movement." He tried to discredit President Obama while he was running for President by claiming he was not a real American! He continuously called him different, forcing the issue of producing his birth certificate and other proof that he attended the schools he graduated from. That was Trumps first outward declaration showing his innate persona of clearly being a Racist. I truly believe that is why he is running for President. He figures that if this "Outsider" ( that is what he thought about Obama ) could become President so could he, I know this sounds crazy, but I think that is the way a Narcissist thinks and Donald Trump fits this mold. His acts of Racism have continued to grow. Today it is rampant with his rhetoric about Immigration by using words like Extra Strong Vetting and Deportation and growing Agencies for Deportation. He even recently suggested that Hillary Clinton should be deported! Is he for real? Unfortunately, yes! It is up to the voters in November to get out there and stop this Bully of a so called Candidate.

Only time will tell and the time is definitely closing in. November 8th will tell the tale. Voting is a right and a privilege we have in America, so let's get out there and make sure we send a message to
our political parties, one way or the other. I can only say one thing, "May the Best Woman Win"! 

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