Tuesday, September 6, 2016


After a week of seeing and hearing Trump all over the media, I have come to the conclusion that the main objective for his ongoing Campaign is to create confusion. His contradictory statements about immigration and race issues are done to keep his base, along with gaining votes from anyone else who might be undecided so that he can bring the polls closer. There might be people who actually only heard his so called "softening" speech who are on the fence. Not everyone is glued to the TV like I am. I have noticed that in my conversations with friends who really do not like Trump, but can't stand Clinton, when confronted with his behavior, they don't defend him, they immediately bring up something about her.

On the other hand, I feel compelled to defend Hillary Clinton, I wish she would defend herself a little more but I am sure that will come soon. Clinton was never convicted of anything by the law. The accusations throughout the years have come from the opposing party, the Republican Party. Usually these accusations arise before and during major campaigns. Anyone can be accused of anything, but this goes above and beyond. What I see when his surrogates are interviewed is that any question about Trump becomes an answer about Clinton. That is the goal, as the saying goes, Offense is the Best Defense. If they are allowed to get away with it, it can works. The listeners are hearing and processing the information they hear. Again, not everyone hears everything so the more that gets out their the better it is. Apologizing is not the answer because if it didn't work once or twice or more times...it won't work again.

Clinton has to keep telling people her many accomplishments during the last 40 years. Also explain the road ahead if elected President. Of course they have to continuously discredit Trump which should be easy being that he does it himself. Just look at who is running his campaign, hard line Alt-Right followers like Steve Bannon.

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