Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What people are really saying

A friend sent me this to post.  Well said!

Trump has gotten rich on the backs of small businesses who he has stiffed. He is a misogynist, racist, bigot, short-fused bully who mocks those with disabilities, knows nothing about foreign policy, how the US government is run or diplomacy. He thinks he can settle debt by offering creditors $.30 on the dollar like he has his vendors. Make America Great Again? Seriously? How? This billionaire–narcissist does not have any ideas about anything except to build that stupid wall. 

He spews out lies to distract from the fact he has nothing substantive to say. He was a democrat who supported democratic candidates for years but probably knew he’d never defeat Clinton in the primaries. He lies and changes his mind with the same regularity as you change your underwear. Any parent of daughters should be defending their rights to reproductive freedom, something he has flip flopped about too. Hillary had a private server and may have lied about a few emails. Big freaking deal. Reagan sold arms to Iran and lied about it; George Sr. said “no new taxes.” Hmmmm. George Jr. lied about the Iraqi regime supporting the 9/11 attacks. Powell and Rice also used private servers (they advised Secretary Clinton to do the same). Oh, and let's not forget Trump's delusional comment about Obama starting ISIS.

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