Wednesday, August 31, 2016


DONALD TRUMP is only a caricature of himself! He emulates ignorance with every word he says, words that just come out of his mouth without any forethought! I am embarrassed to have him in the Presidential Ring but in our free country we have to always expect this to happen. Unfortunately, many of his followers are cheering on his most dangerous proposals and unfounded accusations.

Furthermore, someone should make him leave that ridiculous hat at home, he looks like an old baseball player promoting a losing team ... Doesn't he know that America is already Great!! It is also not very Presidential looking but anything to cover his Hairdo... I didn't see anyone asking the name of his Hairdresser. It will be interesting to see how his visit to Mexico turns out. However, Trump will always make the results look like it benefits his beliefs... Can't wait!!

HILLARY CLINTON is a victim of her own circumstances. We have been hearing about the same Issues for years, complicated by numerous Conspiracy Theories conjured up by her opponents. These theories always become more enhanced during Election time. I myself say... Oh, that again!!

For a Woman and Leader who has been around for 40 years, working hard for people and the  Democratic Party she is really getting a raw deal. Clinton has not been convicted of any Crime!! She should be able to wrap things up by now... I think she has to have a News Conference on all the issues once and for all.
She is prepared and ready to be The First Woman President of the USA. Her campaign is steady, upbeat, filled people who are loved  and respected in the political world as well as the public world... Just compare both campaigns and I am sure you will get my drift.

When you are in the Political Arena for so long... Controversial issues will always pop up... It is so easy to be a back seat driver ... I for one feel badly that the Clintons have to give up a Foundation that has done so much good for underprivileged populations needing help for their sustenance, especially in the medical field. It is a pity that the opponents would rather Discredit the Good deeds of the Foundation just to get kudos for themselves !! I hate for them to do it... But probably they should pass the baton just to close the door to criticism ... We all know, that will never stop! They have been talking about Benghazi for so long that I finally learned how to spell it, and I am sure others still do not know how to spell it or even where it is. Young people are now able to vote, they may not be well versed in all of these issues and all they hear is "Crooked/Liar" I hope the voters can truly compare these candidates and realize that Clinton is so far beyond Trump in  Character, Preparedness And just plain READY!!

I believe our country has been constantly moving forward on all levels. President Obama has been criticized for going too slow... But with the personal vendetta that Mitch McConnell made after Obama's Election in 2008, asking the Republican Party to make him a One-Term President... and refuse to pass anything he proposed, how could things have moved Quickly... But it has moved up an onward! I believe McConnell's words have helped spur up Racism to a higher level... Along with Trump's Birther movement. A negative Congress just added salt to the wounds. All in all, our State of affairs and economy is showing  progress with a future that is positive only with the right leadership. Again, there are two real choices... Trump is looking to take us back to his " Unreal Reality"! Trumpism is backwards and Clinton's agenda is Forward. With a Congress and Senate that can work together, and I think she can do it, there are no boundaries for the USA.

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