Friday, August 5, 2016

Election Confessions: The fact that you are asking us for our opinions says it all.

We live in a free country and that is the good and the bad. We have to listen to all views... Even those that are not so traditional. We have to realize that in a world where immediate gratification is right at our finger tips all the time...candidates will pop up who think they can make people believe "Things" that need fixing can be done in a minute or even less! Yes .. We do have lots of "Things"to do here in this Fabulous Free Country... But to say we are going in the wrong direction is ridiculous. If Congress even came 1/2 way we would have been in a better place today with everything. Thanks to our Brilliant and Thoughtful President Obama and his Staff that we came this far. 

That is why we cannot allow a candidate who has said over and over again that our Free Country is a Rigged System become the leader of the Free World. Are we so shallow to think that a man who has no business scruples can just walk into our lives and, all alone, fix what is wrong ... he is a man with a personality disorder ... thinking that we are all stupid and he is always right. Change does not mean throwing out our values ... It means evaluating the circumstances... That sentence alone gives you a sense of needing knowledge... advice...and time!! There is no secret cure that only he, Trump, has the antidote in his hand that is always waving up and down. His rhetoric is more than disgusting and dangerous... I'm not sure whether making fun of a disabled person ( I have a son who is mentally challenged ) or shooting someone in NYC and still getting votes, put me over the top....certainly I hope it had the same effect on other voters. He could not get into a University or get a job with the lack of knowledge he has for the  Ultimate Job he is applying for... President of the United States of America...would you hire  a person who is totally uninformed and not interested in learning or asking advice ... To run your company?? I am sure you would not!!

Hillary Clinton... With all of her "Faults" has been around and stayed in the public eye ... Pushing forward for Children... Families ... And Democratic Principles our Country depends upon for its survival. She had been Elected to public office and knows what it is like to win and lose with honor and grace!! It is her time in history to truly Keep America Great!!

I can go on and on... This election is probably one of the most important in history as far as I can remember ... I grew up during the same years that Hillary Clinton did... Without the Democratic Party we would not have had all of the Social Changes that have taken place... Women's Rights... Gay Rights...Voting Rights...Universal Health Care ( Congress did not vote in Single Payer and now they are complaining as usual!! )

Just close your eyes and think:
Trump/Uninformed Bully/ Ridiculous/Unscrupulous / Alone/Negative/ Dictator/Racist Behavior / Not respected by the Free World... Only Russia gave him an A in conduct!!

Clinton/ Leader/ Informed/ Inclusive/Survivor / Democratic Principles/ Respected by the Free World except Russia!! / Humility!!

This is the one time I can say... This is "The Women Card" I hope we all vote for.... Hillary Clinton!!
I know Donald Trump will think that all the women voting for Hillary will vote for her only because she is a woman... He thinks women are "Stupid"... Well ... If Jan Brewer were running for President ... This is one woman who would not be voting the "Women Card" and I am sure many women would agree... !!

Hillary deserves " The Woman Card" ... She has earned it!!

I hope some of my statements have helped give a picture of Our Free Country ... And what it truly means to be involved in the process... 

Talk is cheap... Just Vote!!