Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Thoughts from the runway

I am on a plane with no Wifi available. 

As it is, we were on the runway waiting for more fuel, very important, for 1 1/2 hours, making a 3.5 hour trip become 5 hours. We may possibly miss our connection! But, all is not lost. Just more time to write a little something about Trump. I think he needs another Conspiracy Theory created, this time getting into his personal life.

I have wondered why no one has seen or heard from Ivana and Marla, Donald Trump's two former wives and mothers of a few of his children. 

Ivanka, Donald's daughter who he said he would be attracted to if she weren't his daughter, weird, is the daughter of Ivana. I wonder if she, Ivana, will be supporting and voting for her Ex-Husband. Was she at the convention? No one seems to be interested in why she has not been interviewed. I am sure Ivana has been paid off or signed a very strict non- disclosure so that it is impossible to get to her. The same with Marla Maples. By the way, I think I saw her ring shown at auction in the papers a while ago, a little small for The Donald. Maybe Marla is running out of money, after all she was " Fired" from her job as "2nd Wife."

Some divorces end up having one big happy family, but it seems clear here that the kids took to the "Money Trail," I would feel much better if Ivana and Marla were both interviewed and showed their love and support for Donald. I am sure they spent many long hours waiting up for him while he was working so hard as, perhaps, a volunteer at the local Soup Kitchen or the YMCA helping underprivileged youngsters, especially those from the African American Communities he is pledging to help. I'm sure they, Ivana and Marla understood his need to help and reach out! You think??  

No... Trump was probably out on the town, hopefully not wearing one of his silly Made in China caps. Thank goodness he gets it wholesale or free, because  he couldn't wear it more than once. The orange from his hair must leave quite a mess. Maybe he has a secret microphone in the seams of his cap. He couldn't possibly memorize  all of the content of his speeches. Who can remember such difficult words like, Crooked, Guilty, Crooked, Guilty etc. Having to keep them in that order is very difficult! 

Please Ivana, Marla, come forth and tell it all! You may lose his money, but you would make a bundle just by telling all the secrets you must be keeping! Even Trump himself may spill the beans if he knew he could make a fortune. It would help clear up all the debt he must owe, possibly to  Russia or his Hairdresser. We know he'll never pay the Hairdresser!

Maybe the Kids, when they run out of money, will tell it all! 

Soon landing... This made the longer trip worth while.

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