Wednesday, August 17, 2016


The Election Timetable is running out for Donald Trump. What does a desperate Narcissistic Demagogue do?  Anything and everything!  He has now decided, either on his own or with the advice from his 3rd new, extreme team, to say anything to bring in votes from anyone who is slightly undecided. He goes from one rally to the next, changing his tune, pandering to whomever he can. He knows that just a few votes from each group, Latino, African American, Gay, Lesbian, Educated, Women, Etc., will put him over the top to win the election and change what he calls “The Regime”, as if he were in some foreign country. He shouted out to the African American community, “You have nothing to lose”, because he believes they have nothing anyway. It is the biggest insult of all. What you don’t realize is that he truly feels that way about everyone who is not successful or not in the ring with him. The scary part is that if people do not wake up to his insincerity and ineptness, he could actually win! This would be a colossal defeat for our Democracy as we know it. Trump is surrounded by extreme ultra right wing advisors who have a long history of Racism, Anti-Semitism as well as Anti Government remarks, along with a large following through their on line websites.

Winning is all that Donald Trump is about. He has said it over and over again, because if he doesn’t, then it was all for nothing. He, of course, will blame everyone but himself. His mindset sees it only that way, and he will create any scenario through lies or loud bizarre remarks about his opponent just to keep the ball rolling. I know that when you see two opposing sides, Democrats and Republicans, start agreeing that it would be dangerous for him to be elected, then you know your vote is important. Even Glenn Beck, who I am not a fan of, says that Trump’s election as President could be one of the most dangerous happenings ever in our American History!

When people like Trump get desperate, watch out. Anything can happen!  I am asking all undecided 

Voters need to really listen and learn that, “What you see is what you will get; a Trump Regime!”