Thursday, May 18, 2017

Undermining Democracy…with Lies!

It’s sad to see the opportunities President Donald J. Trump has let slip through his fingers. President of the United of America as of January 20, 2017, he had the chance to prove himself to both his base and his opposition. He just could not do that. Trump has demons within him, a personality disorder that does not allow him to do what people thought he was capable of doing once elected. They thought he was a genius of sorts because he told them so, through bullying and strong words exemplifying the most unacceptable behavior. I for one was waiting for that pivot everyone spoke about. That Presidential moment when “a man” becomes “the man,” but it never happened. The downward spiral is only the beginning for this President. When a man thinks everyone else is wrong other than him and tries to prove it with lies and more lies, implicating people who have exemplary past history, the sham becomes evident and talk of impeachment becomes real.

I still have hope in our democracy to overcome the cancer that is chipping away at its existence. Time is of the essence, and as it goes, he is digging fast and furious soon to reach China, as I used to think when I dug a hole at the beach as a child. My mother used to say, “You are digging so deep, soon you'll reach China.” Maybe he will!!

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