Monday, May 15, 2017

The Secret Life of….President Trump!!

In the book, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, the main character is living in a world of fantasy, only seen through his eyes. In his mind, everyday happenings become embellished with elements far different than what everyone else is experiencing.  Of course, being a novel, the author can change or decide on what is next. Donald J. Trump is the author of his very own book, only it is a non-fiction playbook continuously rolling out various versions of his very own fantasies or what the world may consider downright lies. His daily telling tales are getting more bizarre and implicating even to those close to him. Our Whitehouse is living in his secret world!

Unfortunately, our lives are real, and we just can’t stop the days and months from moving forward so we have to take responsible action to make the changes before the changes take us all down a road we cannot recover from. Hearing and seeing the news today is like listening to myself repeat what I have written as well as the words of others as in scholars, authors, doctors, just about anyone who knew Trump in his life before being elected, I am sorry to say, President of the United States of America. His web of lies has grown to a level of total disbelief. He is like quicksand; waiting to gobble everyone up just to keeping the truth about his unscrupulous life both in business and private from becoming public

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