Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sometimes “Less is better” is not!

When designing a room, I always tend to use the statement, “Less is better.”  However, in our government, we need the checks and balances that are required so that many different opinions are heard in order to come to conclusions or decisions that affect our entire country. Filling cabinet positions are needed for our government to perform correctly, especially in these tenuous times. Why are they not filled as of yet? Believe it or not, the number is about 2,000. For some people, keeping a tight rein on decision making can only come from having fewer people to contend with. Control instead of delegating is definitely the road that the Trump Administration seems to be taking. It is disconcerting to me, especially being that his closest advisors in the loop are his family depicting nepotism as well as being unqualified for these positions.  

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