Monday, April 24, 2017

The Race to Disgrace!

How did we get to where we are? We can say all sorts of things to give reason for our state of affairs, but there is really only one answer. Donald J. Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election because enough people voted for him to win the Electoral vote he needed. Even though he clearly did not win the popular vote, in our democracy, the rules are the rules, and we follow them. Until proven otherwise, Trump is here to stay.

Think about why and who you voted for. Every signal was given to shun you away from voting for Trump. His past business history revealed many self-orchestrated bankruptcies which left working people in the lurch, as well as his unsavory views on women, immigration, and healthcare. His negative rhetoric during a contentious campaign filled with lies and ignorance leaning on the edge of racism. The blame, in my opinion, is on you, the voter. Did you really believe that everyone was wrong? Tony Schwartz, author of the Art of the Deal, warned you that he was a narcissist having the temperament of an eight-year-old. Credible people from all over came out with factual information showing his inadequacies. Many women from his past came forward and claimed his behavior towards them was in the category of sexual harassment. His very words told it all. The negative ads against him, during the campaign, were actually starring Trump. What more did you need? The last, almost, 100 days have proven that voting someone into any office, much less the President of the United States might have repercussions unlike we have ever seen before. So far, he has managed to insult our allies, lie about almost anything, probably because of his lack of knowledge and understanding or just disinterest in learning. Just the other day I heard what I thought was Alec Baldwin making fun of Donald Trump, but when I entered the room, it was actually Trump being interviewed. I cringed, thinking this is my President! His instability and buffoon behavior is clearly the sign of someone you don’t want making important decisions, especially those pertaining to world affairs and the safety of our nation and those allies around us.

I don’t quite understand when someone says to me, “Don’t you wish the President success?” I find it hard to answer, especially when I know the “Cow is not going to jump over the Moon” because that would be a fairytale. I hope and pray that those who voted for Trump can look in the mirror and say, “I made a mistake.” That is all I can ask for. Everyone is entitled to make a mistake as long as they don’t perpetuate this disaster. Know how much damage has been done because this is only going to be 100 days. It is not about Republican or Democrat; it is about our lives, all of our lives, for a long road ahead. Our Democracy goes beyond Politics. Our President has to be held accountable for everything he does, as is everyone else. His Taxes should be released and the Nepotism stopped in its tracks. We are living in dangerous times, not just from outside, but from within. I can wish and hope for the best, but it is not good enough. Trump people have to understand that they are playing with a fire they may not be able to put out. This race to disgrace must be recognized and dealt with in our best democratic ways. Recognizing failure and accountability is a good start!

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