Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Trump’s Last Stand...I Hope!

The past week has been so surreal in the face of our 2016 Presidential Election. It gets worse every day with Donald Trump now saying that our entire Democratic System is rigged, all the way down to the FBI having so called secret relationship with the Clintons. He claims that the media is one sided, leaning towards electing Hillary Clinton. Well, why should they not want him to win? It’s clear enough to me that if Hitler was not elected we would not have had the Holocaust. Yes, I am entitled to feel that he is demonstrating the kind of social behavior that has reminiscence of such a despicable figure as Adolph Hitler. From the very beginning of his campaign he lowered the bar for the Republican Party and caused complete chaos among its members. To me, they are wimps, just like Trump wants them. He really expects his opponents to have to beg him to take them back. His aspiring to be “KING” is scary as hell. When the means, any means, is used to justify the end, one has to search their soul before they enter that voting both on November 8th.

When all of our major media comes out against the ideals of a candidate and his ultimate credibility, one has to take notice.  It’s okay to tell the truth about someone, anyone, who is just plain not capable of running this country in a fair and equitable manner, upholding the Constitution and all the good that it has brought to America. It has been a hard road since it’s signing. Many strides ahead for social injustice as well as laws to protect the rights of everyone, not just a few, took the lives of those who fought for them. It’s okay not allowing an impostor, Trump, to usurp the most powerful job in the world, with the least amount of credentials and certainly not the temperament to boot. Sometimes, it is said, when something looks too good it is probably not! In this case, we can say, when it looks that bad, it probably is! Aside from his key platform issue to answer the immigration policy, building a wall, which is absurd and really against American values, his tone, rhetoric, smear tactics and lies fill his audiences with fear and anger towards his opponents. I use that word in plural, because not only is he opposing Hillary Clinton, but anyone in America or the World who disagrees with him on any issue at all.

The only person who is really hurting Donald Trump is Donald Trump! His own words, through tweets and rallies, have been his biggest enemy. All the negative ads are mirror images of his behavior, even Saturday Night Live, which mocked both candidates, made him crazy. I guess Trump really is self-destructive if he doesn't like looking at himself, because that is really who he is seeing.  Self reflection is not his forte. Everyone is wrong, except him! We, as voters, and the decision makers of our own lives, have an opportunity to have our voices heard with our one single vote. Again, a non vote, or a third party vote is just like voting for Trump. So, take some time, and read about Hillary Clinton and her achievements throughout the 30 years she has been around. Forget the smears and conspiracy theories provoked, and do some good for yourself and the country you and your families want to keep, a country where the Democratic Process will prevail.

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