Sunday, October 9, 2016

Dear Donald J Trump

Tonight you will be fighting the fight of your life! Say farewell to all that you aspire to be…the most powerful person in the world. Say goodbye to the ability to cover up all the debt you may have incurred in all of your shady business deals. You cannot possibly become a “Born Again Trump” unless you were really BORN AGAIN! I know you had interviews with a few of the women involved in Bill Clinton’s past infidelities. First of all, the last I heard, Hillary Clinton is and should not be held responsible for these unfortunate actions. Former President, Bill Clinton, was not running for President; he already was, for if he were running, he might have not have been elected. The fact that Hillary worked things out and kept their marriage together still does not make her responsible. Just think about this…you, Trump, walk around town and say the abominable things you say along with disgusting behavior….who enabled you? I will answer that….your parents, your teachers, your friends, your supporters, your own wives…all three of them…and then, of course your very own children from three different marriages. If you didn’t have money and that so-called power you claimed you had in the tape that was revealed, you would have nobody! Very soon, Donald, you will be forced to start all over again, rebuilding your Brand. Don’t throw the hats away…just add… “I Almost Did Make America Great Again!” Thank God you will never have that opportunity, and thank God America is already Great! I’m sure you will find a nice warm and cozy spot with your Alt-Right Surrogates… although; once you lose…you know what you always say…”You’re a Loser” or “You’re Fired.” They will all be gone…searching for another sucker to plead their cause.

And, about those tapes that Hillary made….Isn’t it better to have a dream about open borders than closed borders? An immigration policy that opens our doors to those who work, pay taxes, and find a path to citizenship, of course with the proper system that we have today working to make sure we keep out those individuals who appear dangerous to the US. Not a system that picks out one particular group of people by color or religion, but by a list derived from our friends and allies throughout the world, including our own experts. That system, just in case you don’t know, is already in place and working just fine. You must have missed that in all of your studies.

And, about trade….without the proper trade deals, America would be dead in the woods. The missing jobs are not missing, they are just plain obsolete. You must have missed that class also. Hillary Clinton has been working on this while you were scamming your business associates. Some were good, and others have to be changed. That is the way it works when you are making very big decisions. No one person is ever responsible for everything. “It takes a Village”…remember that phrase? Sound familiar? That alone keeps you out of the arena because you are a man that stands alone! He is an “I can do it alone” person is the true sign of an Authoritarian not capable to lead our Democracy.

The Debate is just about ready to start….”Break a leg”…as they say in Hollywood!!

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