Saturday, October 8, 2016

He can “Run” but he can’t Hide!!

I cannot understand for the life of me how it took this, the release of a 2005 tape of Donald Trump speaking in such a lewd and negative way about a woman and inadvertently about him. When you do this, it’s all about power! His own insecurities, and believe it or not, self hate, can be the only reason he needs attention for everything he does. He has no boundaries; anything goes. It’s frightening to me to still see people defend him. What is his magic? He is ignorant to the point of sounding crazy, spouting out anything he wants at any time…to anyone. He is a sick individual who will end up being a case study in history books down the road, as well as a chapter or two in psychology books.

I really believe Trump is a desperate man who owes monies around the world, just moments away from his life crumbling around him. His seeking the Presidency probably started years ago, because he thinks he is smarter than everyone and has all the answers. But really, I think, it is to cover his vulnerability when the “House of Cards” falls. You can only scam for so long, and I think the walls are closing in on him. He saw a great opportunity when Barack Obama was elected to start his campaign. It was not a traditional way of starting, but he did it with the “Birther Movement”, testing the waters of Racism, and wow, was he right. I’m sure even Trump was surprised at how many people really hated the fact that an African American with an unusual name could become President of The United States of America. He jumped right in as soon as he had an audience, setting the stage for his future. How did we let this happen? Media coverage daily put Trump on center stage. As he says, bad or good, media coverage is positive. Is he right? Will this be his Waterloo? In a way, I hope that his negative issue with women is the final blow that takes him out. By now, he should have been disqualified to run for President.

How could people still be undecided? Trump is not qualified, both academically and morally, to be the Highest Power in the Free World. “Not fit to be President” is a mild thing to say. “Dangerous” is more like it! I am sure this is just the “Icing on the Cake” because Trump is not finished with his Campaign. He will display more of his rhetoric, but, at least we know it will be over on November 8th 2016 with him giving his Concession speech to the First Woman President, Hillary Clinton. That will be our only retribution to Trump. It will be interesting to see what road he takes with this task. The truth is, no one but Trump will know, and that is another reason for him to not be President!

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