Monday, October 10, 2016

And the Winner is…..

The Debate is over and Trump’s Surrogates, of course, say that he won with flying colors! They all live in that Trump Reality Show which has no relation to the real deal. He stalked Hillary Clinton like a predator before the kill. Trump was combative and filled the time allotted him with the usual lies and misconceptions about life in America and World Affairs. His statistics on almost every issue were exaggerated or totally wrong. (See NY Times for a rundown of his lies. )  It was said that he presented a bully or thug style during the entire 90 minutes. Seemingly, he had command, but Hillary Clinton just let him go on and on. Her answers were cool and calm and filled with information. She connected with the audience. On first appraisal, commentators said she should have been more reactive. I think it was not easy for her to be as calm as she was, given his attacks, especially when, in his final statement, he threatened her with Jail if he were to become President. Can you imagine that? Third World Country talk! These words will appear over and over again just to remind the undecided who they would be electing if they gave Trump their vote. He does have that Dictator behavior, as displayed on many occasions. In the real world, polls are coming out giving Clinton a very decisive lead as to who won the debate. As the days progress and get closer to Election Day, Trump’s poll numbers will plummet, as he well deserves. Just like a student who doesn’t study for a course, failure is bound to happen. Just think about this…Donald Trump would be really dangerous if he knew anything!

As the Beatles song goes, “Goodbye to Strawberry Fields Forever”… and good riddance!

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