Sunday, February 19, 2017

I hate being a "I told you so", but " I told you so!"

During the course of the 2016 Election Campaign I wrote so much about the negative outcome that could prevail if a Trump win took place. I hate being a "I told you so", but " I told you so!" I just can't believe it has taken even this long to realize all the negative possibilities and scenarios spilling out every minute of every day. Just this week, seeing Trump speaking with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, and referring to our news media as " fake news" was undeniably shameful! His rambling on and using references to Hillary Clinton and the Democrats being responsible for all his mishaps is beyond belief!

 It is truly time for Hillary Clinton to speak out and remind him that she might have not won the Electoral Vote, but she won the Mandate, the Popular Vote, not by his so-called, Voter Fraud, but by millions of voters like myself, who are extremely worried about our future and Democracy.

I hope that the news media keeps up the good work and reveals all the information necessary to either clear the Trump Candidacy of Collusion with Russia or find out that there really were close ties and communication with people within his Campaign, including Trump himself. After all, he hid the truth from Vice President Pence to try and cover up a lie that General Flynn claimed, saying that he had no communication with Russia during the Campaign, when, in fact, he did.

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It's time to speak out!!

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