Thursday, February 23, 2017


Based on what I hear and see from our new Trump Administration, the reason why they chose this direction to go in as a first priority is because it was truly going to show his ultimate power to decide on who stays and leaves this country. Law and Order can mean many things. We live in a country that already has its Law and Order in place. There is always room for improvement, but what they are doing is promoting a Police State which will start with the idea of only performing legal acts, to then slowly overlapping into darker areas based on undocumented information called alternative facts or plain old lies. This is an Administration that has proven that alternative facts are acceptable as long as it benefits their cause. Little by little, Law and Order will become a Police State. Once accepted as normal behavior, it will be that much more difficult to change. That ultimate power will further enable many other future policies of this Trump/Bannon Administration. Power is the most important goal. The easiest way to accomplish this is prey on those that can't fight back. A cowardice method, but very effective if allowed. They keep talking about accomplishing the goals he promised his base, but there are many more millions of people Trump will have to contend with who oppose this method of future Martial Law. Immigration is the cover up for Ultimate Power!

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