Thursday, November 17, 2016

Steve Bannon….A Zionist? Hardly

I wrote this response to the RJC after a friend received a letter from one of their board members endorsing Bannon:
"First and foremost, I appreciate receiving any information that gives different views concerning controversial figures appearing more frequently in our news today. However, when people start claiming that the news media is wrong and not to be taken seriously because it might be saying something one disagrees with, it is the beginning of the end of our Democracy as we know it today. After reading an endorsement of Steve Bannon, a known leader of the Alt-Right Movement in the US, I was actually surprised. It was sent to me via email by the RJC (Republican Jewish Coalition). Without mentioning names, I read the statement made about Steve Bannon and his commitment to Israel. He proclaimed that Bannon is a Zionist. Well, if Zionist is the Code Word for Alt-Right, then I personally want no part of him, or what he stands for. People make themselves fit in for convenience.
"I am a supporter of Israel as a United States Citizen, not a citizen of Israel. If America does not come first, along with all of its diversity, then Israel will subsequently not exist. It is not just one party but all of America that has to work together, then our differences can be solved. Support of Israel has to be a Universal Commitment based on the fact that Israel is a Government formed as a Democracy in the Middle East. Israel itself is a more diverse place today, and people who reject that will be left on the sidelines. Instead of Politics, Education would be more apropos to our needs. I also read Jared Kushner’s article about his support of his father in law, President Elect, Donald Trump, proclaiming that he is not Anti-Semitic. Actions speak louder than words. Only time will tell! He not only has to apologize to the nation and world for his outrageous rhetoric, which he started during the Primaries, long before the election, but come to grips as to how important his new “Job” really is. He has to appreciate the fact that he won an election that could have gone in any direction.

"As it is, he still finds it difficult to admit that he did not win the Popular Vote or a so-called Mandate. Instead, he is still boasting about his win. He should kiss the ground he walks on, and not just in Trumpland, but throughout our incredible diverse land, The United States of America. That is why it is called “United”. Be humble, fill yourself with humility and come to grips that it is important to win over the “other side” with words that heal. People like me are here to listen. Let me be surprised, but happy. Learn to take a joke and laugh at yourself, as it has been discovered that laughing is healthy. Of course, these are just easy ways of handling things and I know that road is rarely taken

"From a political view, I still feel that appointing Steve Bannon as his Chief Strategist does not fly with me, as well as many others who see him as a negative influence with ideas that are over the edge. Trump is afraid to go out of his insulated box to bring this nation together. It could be the road to his success or his failure. We, the USA will be the recipients of these decisions.

"My personal answer to the endorsement of Steve Bannon is the following; 'Zionism has nothing to do with a person being Anti Semitic or not. There are many people who support the existence of Israel who have no feelings about Jews on any level. They want Israel to exist for their own religious reasons, or for Jews to go back “where they belong”. And, in my opinion, it is a shame that Bannon was chosen to represent and be Chief Strategist in the Trump Administration.' "

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