Friday, December 2, 2016

Just a note from a close friend in Italy...her view of our Election results in a simple "Nutshell"....

"From the political front, what can one say!  I never loved Hillary but in a million years, could we have believed what happened.  Since Trump never reads in detail I cannot  imagine that he will ever read a briefing book on a complicated foreign affair  issue. We have to hope and pray that he does decide that  Mitt Romney will be the next Secretary of State and that his son-in-law will protect Jews from the Anti-Semites that keep popping out every day."
Written by Carol Ross....American living in Italy
Can you imagine what the rest of the world is thinking....
Wishing someone succeeds is just not enough...people do have to speak out when it is concerning our
future and just plain old Democracy, with all its flaws! When the news media calls out the truth they should not be considered "left wing" is just not acceptable...and it is dangerous.

Trump's Rally in Cincinnati yesterday was was painful listening to him rant and rave about his a little brat who maneuvered his parents into letting him out of the "Time-Out" corner! So ungracious...winning should have made him humble....Just 4 More Years!
Yes...let's hope he picks Romney!

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