Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Beginning of the End?

One week later…

After a week of total devastation and depression, and that is very light for the feelings I have towards the outcome of our 2016 Presidential Election, I still can’t accept the fact that our nation, filled with such diversity and promise, has gone in such a backward direction. I guess Trump reached a core of America that believed his promises and did not want what they believed was “More of the same.” It is so ironic, that a candidate like Trump, who rarely associated with people he would refer to as losers, would have empathy for those disenfranchised members of society. Democrats, throughout history, have been the ones always fighting for those in need, basic human rights, such as Healthcare, Jobs, Woman’s Rights, Gay Rights, on and on. He hit every chord including pulling the worst possible feelings of people out into the open concerning Immigration and World Policies and just let the S..T hit the fan and went with it. Well… it worked! It has been said recently that, “Stronger and Wrong” beats “Weaker and Right.” I guess I can agree with that now seeing the dismal results. In my last writing I said and called for everyone to vote because I truly felt that if that were so, the best candidate would win. Well, everyone did not vote, sad to say, but certainly enough to show that “Different” was in the cards for America. And so it is!

Already, Trump’s pick for his Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon, hits a controversial note throughout the world. He is known for his blatant feelings about minorities, especially Jews. Being Jewish myself, I cringe when I think that Jews could have voted for Trump. Bannon was the lifeline to Trumps winning this election. He is obviously a brilliant media strategist and does his best by stirring up the most negative feelings people could have, and they went for it, hook, line and sinker. But, of course, the average voter, never really reads into the important stuff, they just want results no matter what happens. I asked many friends who were Trump supporters if they knew who Steve Bannon was, and they not only did not know anything about him, but also did not know he was running the campaign. Shame on them! This pick is probably the most dangerous he will make, being that
Steve Bannon
Trump needs an adviser to help him make the major decisions during his four-year term as President of the United States of America, soon to be known as The United States of Trump. Don’t forget, he was the most ill-informed candidate in history. The campaign reached the lowest levels of divisiveness both in lies and conspiracy theories. Donald Trump will need help, but not the help from a Steve Bannon, a known Racist and White Supremacist as depicted on Breitbart News, his baby, promoting such unconscionable ideas. His voice will be heard throughout the World because of Trumps decision to make him Chief Strategist.

To add to this, Trump now wants his family to have top secret clearance. Also, they will be handling his so called Blind Trust of business dealings. Sounds dubious to me! The question is; can that be something he could actually get approved? I have now been inundated with news about this, over and over again. It is like the campaign just rolled into a new segment of this unusual reality show. It is really a reality show, heading into its first season of “The New West Wing”, or The New Right Wing”.  Either way, hopefully, there is a light beyond this dark tunnel.

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